It’s been one of those days and it’s not yet 2 p.m. I’m working on two deadlines, one tomorrow, one for the end of the month, for two different books for two different publishers. So I’ve been repeating my “I’m on a deadline, do not disturb me on pain of death” mantra. Some days my family gets it, some days they don’t. By eleven today, I’d fielded an email from my sister worrying about my mother, a phone call from my sister on the same topic, a phone call from my mother reminding me that I’d promised to get her to the hospital for her eye operation tomorrow, and then she started talking about the beautiful weather. It is. Not that I’ve had a chance to get away from my desk to enjoy it.

BUT my son is getting to enjoy it today. Not that he wants to. You see, just two hours earlier, Seamus, the dog-who-should-be-named-Dyson, had managed to find an acetaminophen table, or half a tablet, I’m not sure, (nor am I sure where he found it or who dropped it and why they didn’t pick it up). In his usual “I eat everything” fashion, he gobbled it down as I tried to get it out of his mouth. Which meant a frantic call to the vets who told me to give him a tablespoon of peroxide to make him vomit it up, then rushed him to the vet where they did blood tests to check his liver enzyme levels and a charcoal lavage (which will bind the drug and stop it from being absorbed by Seamus’ little body.)

So why is my son currently sitting outside? Because the lavage will result in black charcoal diarrhea which, the vet informed me, will be impossible to get out of the carpets if it hits him inside. Luckily it’s a beautiful spring day here, and my son patiently waits for the charcoal to complete its journey.

I texted Gizmo Guy and said I was seriously considering leaving home and checking into a hotel incommunicado. He asked if he could come with me.

So if I am quiet here, understand I’m desperately trying to meet my deadline. And not be incredibly rude while I ignore my family. Whom I can’t ignore.

I need chocolate.

And cheesecake.

And Cosmos. The drink, not the flower. Though flowers are nice too.

Shaking my fist at Mondays or we should have got a cat
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One thought on “Shaking my fist at Mondays or we should have got a cat

  • May 14, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    Chocolate, cheesecake and a cosmos sounds pretty perfect right now. I have a perfect hidey spot down here for you and I won’t tell anyone you’re here!!

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