Hey, it’s almost the end of May already. The leaves are on the trees, the A/C went on this week (that’s early for my part of the world), and yet I can’t say I remember seeing a lot of it happen.  Between Hidden Heat’s release (which I’ve sadly not given the attention it deserved), writing the Christmas story for Carina (it’s finished, edited, and subbed) and preparing for my upcoming trip to Lori Foster’s event,  I’m finally tackling a lot of the things I’d shoved aside to work on “later”.  So I’ve been spending this week trying to catch up…

First off, there are only a few days left to bid on my First Chapter Critique that I’ve donated as part of Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research.  You can also bid on a number of other items donated by the Carina Press authors, including a Kindle Fire, an Amazon Kindle 3G, a 30 page critique by Carina’s executive editor Angela James along with a breakfast, a 60 page and synopsis critique by my editor Rhonda Helms (her suggestions have definitely strengthened my books, do not pass this one up if you can afford it.)

If you subscribed to my newsletter, my latest one had a contest in it for a Leah Braemel T-shirt.  That contest is now closed (thanks to everyone who entered) and the winner is Stephanie!  (Stephanie, I’ll be sending your t-shirt and swag from Cincinnati next week.)

My family hasn’t escaped this week either.  I’ve had them weeding and helping tame the back yard which had started to resemble a jungle. (We discovered a rabbit’s warren in one corner, and didn’t want to disturb the baby bunnies. They’ve finally grown up and moved on, so we felt it safe to start hacking the weeds in that corner now.) Since Gizmo Guy is taking next week off while I’m away, he’s got a heck of a honey-do list to keep him busy.

And Seamus finally got taken to the groomers.  He was starting to look like a miniature Old English Sheepdog. Now he looks like a lamb.  (I’ll post pictures of him on Sunday — the best ones I have of him are on Gizmo Guy’s camera and he hasn’t sent them to me yet.) He looks so different we’re having trouble seeing him as “our dog” any more.  It’s like owning a completely different dog.

Now the most pressing issues have been taken care of, I am sitting down making lists of everything I need to still buy for my trip to Cincinnati next week. I want to buy some special little gifts for some special people who have gone above-and-beyond the call of duty for me but I’m coming up dry with ideas. I still have to get together all the swag I need to take with me and make sure I’ve got enough. (Too late to order more if I haven’t. Yikes!) And I’m trying to figure out my schedule.  Then there’s figuring out my wardrobe, and packing, and getting my hair done … so much to do, so little time.

Oh, and in the middle of all that I’m plotting out Scott’s story, which will be book 6 and will wind up the Hauberk series. (I think.)  I’m putting not just Scott and his heroine through hell, but all the folks over at Hauberk … fun times. 😀


Playing Catch-Up