A while back I mentioned that we’d gotten Seamus trimmed and I promised to post pictures but it got buried beneath my deadlines. So here he is … the old versus the new:

This is him when he’s begging for attention while I’m working at my desk. Hmm, that doesn’t quite show how long his hair had gotten…take a look at him one one of our walks.

Well, okay, he’s not walking, he’s lying down. That’s him deciding he’d done enough walking. He lays down when he’s had enough. Which since he’s been neutered means we’ve been doing this after about four houses. But doesn’t he look like a little Old English Sheepdog?

He’s looking up at Gizmo Guy here.  (Try to ignore all the toys around him — yes, he’s taken over our family room. It’s now Seamus’ playpen.)

And this is him now — I’m still having a heck of a time seeing him as my little shaggy boy. It’s like having a different dog. Now he’s more like a lamb than a sheepdog. But he’s probably cooler for the summer with his shorter hair. And the longer hair was starting to get hard to take care of now his puppy coat is changing to his adult coat.

Maybe this is a better picture — and gives you an idea of his size, as well as what a naughty boy he can be — yes, he’s jumped on my coffee table. That’s a habit we’re working on breaking.

But I think this is my favorite — it makes him look like he did when we first got him as a puppy…

He can see again! And we can see him!

By the way, I discovered that some people think his name is pronounced See-mus. It’s not. It’s pronounced Shay-mus. It’s Irish, you know. 😉

He has eyes!
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2 thoughts on “He has eyes!

  • June 8, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    So now I don’t feel so stupid thinking his name was Seamus not Shamus.
    You’ve been spelling it wrong all this time! lol. Does the dog know this?

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