To give you an insight into the way my brain is hopping around today, here’s some of the things I’m pondering. Yes, it’s the next installment of Pinky’s POV* time!

1. I read. Gizmo Guy reads. Curly sometimes reads. Therefore our house is filled with books. There are book shelves in every room in this house. Including the bathroom. Yes, that’s right, we read in the bathroom. So why should I be surprised that almost every day in the past few months, Seamus has decided to try to read too? Except his version of reading is by tasting them. Now, the thing is, I keep MY books up high, out of areas where he can get them. Yet he’s still managed to get an Ann Aguirre book, a Kelley Armstrong book, and this…

Luckily enough the chewing sound I was hearing that alerted me to his latest acquisition was not him actually chewing on the book, unlike my Kelley Armstrong book. He was chewing on the blanket. This time. Now I’ll have to go around on my hands and knees and get a dog-eyed view of where he’s finding my stash.

2. I started reading a book by a new-to-me but well-established well-loved romantic suspense author the other day. I was enjoying the writing right up until the hero (a cop) told the heroine (not a cop) that she had to stay in the truck/car/vehicle/whatever while he went to checked out her house and make sure it was safe. Did she stay in the car? Nope. I put the book down and haven’t picked it up since. I have far too many books on my TBR to deal with Too Stupid To Live heroines and that’s put me off reading that author again. I probably will try her again, but another year or more may pass. But it does make me wonder about the five star reviews she’s getting for it. I guess it’s not a big deal for other readers, but I still made another note (I have a ton, usually all saying the same thing) on my “Do Not Do This” list reminding me not to let my heroine do it.

3. Luckily, the next book I read by another author had her hero go into a dangerous situation while the heroine was along — he told her heroine to stay in the truck, and the smart girl stayed safe. That one I finished. And enjoyed. Well done, Jill Shalvis in At Last. (Loved that book by the way.)

4. Talking about my TBR pile, at the top of my pile were 11 (yes, you read that right) books I have to read (on deadline) for two separate contests. I signed up for them months apart, but both sets of books arrived at about the same time. Luckily one contest deadline isn’t for a few months yet, but 5 of them had to be finished in the next two weeks. I’ve 2 left to go in that category. And I think I may have to disqualify one book for being in the wrong category, which will make my job easier.

5. While I was walking Seamus this morning, I took my iPhone along and did some blog reading. (Trying to be efficient and multitask.) I read a blog where someone was ruminating about if they’d still write if they didn’t make any money at it. That particular author said resounding no. While I understand her reasoning, I’m in the other camp. I’d still write. I have written without being paid since I was in grade school. I kept writing when I graduated and never showed a single soul, therefore never got a dime. Writing is my catharsis, it is my outlet for the voices in my head. Just because I do or don’t get a paycheck doesn’t mean those voices are going to shut up. The difference would be that I could write much more leisurely — no deadlines, no readers asking “when’s the next book out?” the day of a new release. No critics, no bad reviews (of course, no good reviews either). I could kill off a character if I wanted to. Yeah, I’d still keep writing. I’d just have more time to see daylight, to enjoy movies and books and say hi to my family, time that I’ve lost thanks to all the frickin’ social media and promotion that is required when you’re professionally published. Maybe some of the fun of writing would come back.

As you can see that, unlike Brain of Pinky and the Brain, I’m not plotting to take over the world.

That’s because I’m more like Pinky, than Brain.

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