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This week has been the Romance Writers’ of America’s annual conference. Each year the highlight of the conference is the awarding of the RITA®s and Golden Hearts®.  The RITAs are published books nominated as the best in their category (contemporary single title, contemporary series, romantic suspense, historical, paranormal, etc.)  and […]

Congratulations Fiona Lowe & Carina Press

It’s Author’s Choice today. One of my favorite couples is Chad and Lauren. Life threw them one of the worst curves — their daughter’s death tore at the very foundations not only of their marriage but in how they viewed themselves.  Ten years have passed and they’re finally recovered enough […]

Snippet Saturday: Author’s choice

Thanks to a reminder by author Roni Loren the other day, I’ve been stripping out any graphics that I don’t have the rights to.  Luckily enough I’ve been reasonably careful, and most of the ones that may have been questionable were over at blogspot where it is much easier to […]

Photos and a joke

Private Deceptions is now available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository’s UK site. By the way, if you prefer to order from Amazon but worry that it currently is at the full price, if and when they lower the price, even if you’ve preordered at the higher price […]

Whee! Private Deceptions available for Pre-Order

I think my favorite family (that I’ve written so far) are Texas Tangle’s Barnetts. Most of the times my heroes or heroines are from broken families or dysfunctional families, but the Barnett’s? They’re one of those really close families where they are always there for each other. (Well, they are in […]

Snippet Saturday: We are Family

Is there anything cuter than a webcam of service dog Holly’s 5 puppies waddling around and playing?  I think not. Yes, I’ve been neglecting the blog, but despite the lure of the puppycam above, (OMG they’re so sweet!) I’ve been hard at work on the next in the Hauberk series. […]

Oh the cuteness! And a teaser

When I had to come up with a Midnight Rider, a hunky hero, one immediately popped into my mind. Probably because he’s the hero I hear the most comments about. Sam Watson, the owner of Hauberk Protection. Sam is definitely a midnight rider, and not only of his Harley Davidson. […]

Snippet Saturday: Midnight Rider

I’m writing this post thanks to a short conversation on Twitter with Portia daCosta. Portia was mentioning that she’s been giving up the use of labels in her writing. And it triggered something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now… Way back in the ’90s […]

On Brand Names and Famous People Mentioned in Books

A while back I put out a call for Street Team members and was shocked when more than a dozen people responded.  From those dozen, two lovely ladies, Kayla and Tabatha, stepped up as team leaders and have been working very hard on different ideas for ways to help me […]

New Leah Braemel group on Goodreads

Titles are freaking hard to come up with. Usually I look for specific phrases that I may have used in the story, or try to find something that is a twist on my characters or their situation. When I was trying to find a title for my Christmas novella, I had […]

New Title for my Christmas novella

re·u·nite   [ree-yoo-nahyt] verb (used with object), verb (used without object), re·u·nit·ed, re·u·nit·ing. to unite again, as after separation. When I first wrote Chad’s character in Personal Protection, I didn’t really know who he was until I wrote this: “This from the man who let his wife slip through his fingers […]

Snippet Saturday: Reunited

It’s freaking hot outside today — mid 30s, with a humidex reaching into the 40s*.  So I’m hunkering down inside finishing off my galleys, and scaring the dog by playing videos like this:   Stay cool everyone! And remember, don’t leave your pets (or kids) in your car in this […]

Just for fun — misheard lyrics of O Fortuna