I met today`s guest blogger at Lori Foster`s Reader and Author Get Together in June. We had a blast, especially at an event where we read out snippets of real stories and others that we’d made up and participants had to guess which was which. From those few hours together, I suspect we have a similar sense of humor. I’m honored to present Brien Michaels…

Today is about endings. The end of tales, the different ways some writers come up with endings, the end of the As Long As You’re Mine blog tour. And I can’t think of a better place to spend today than here. Can you?

Quite possibly, the end is always the easiest part of the book to write for me, because I’ve been barreling towards it for so long I don’t want to stop or look back until I’ve reached those final words. For other authors, it’s different. Some struggle towards the end, every word being pulled from them with a pair of rusty pliers. Other’s, still, write the end first; that way, they know where they’re going.

I’ll admit, a lot of times when it comes to a story I obsess over the end once I hit about midway, and that’s why they come so easily for me, I think. Two in particular that I can think of that I can think of where I couldn’t find an end until I got there were Can’t Make You Love Me, which is on sale from Etopia Press, and Dangerously in Love, which I’m currently revising for resubmission. With both of those stories I just wrote, and I think it shows in the writing how passionate I was about the subject matter. Though how, exactly, it shows is a question only my editors, and then readers, can answer for me. If I remember correctly, both of those endings were inspired by episodes of Queer As Folk. What can I say? I love my boys.

The end of As Long As You’re Mine was one of those that totally snuck up on me. The whole book, I knew what it was going to be, but when I got there, I couldn’t believe it. I told myself it couldn’t have possibly happened as soon as it had. But me, being the pantser that I am, kept writing, and before I knew it, the words were gone. Zac and Wade’s story was told and they’d left me with nothing else to say. That’s not to say there won’t be another story in there, somewhere, but this particular one is done. Because no one likes those books that drag on far longer than they should, right?

Who isn’t a little bi-curious in college?

Wade Criss has always known there was something a little…off about him, but he hasn’t been able to admit it until now. He wants to sleep with another man. But not just any man. He wants his geeky, sexy acting classmate Zac.

Zac has been watching Wade all semester, waiting for the moment the other man would renounce his straight boy ways and fall into his bed. But when the two of them are paired together for their final exam, Zac isn’t sure how to react. What if Wade finds out his secret?

Zac is an Adult Phone Entertainer, and it’s that knowledge that turns Wade on more than anything. After all, there’s nothing hotter than the anonymity of phone sex. But it doesn’t matter how hot the sex is; everything always gets more complicated once feelings get involved. And Zac and Wade’s relationship is far from the exception.

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Brien Michaels was born at an early age. In the time that he is not writing, he enjoys reading, eating, and terrorizing young wood nymphs. After an altercation with a person in a mask, he fled to the hills and now lives in seclusion with the voices in his head. He currently writes dark fiction, erotic fiction, and dark erotic fiction for the creatures that have moved in under his bed.

Find out more about Brien on his website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or  Goodreads.


The End of Tales with guest blogger Brien Michaels
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  • October 11, 2012 at 10:05 am

    Congrats on your release, Brien! Wishing you many sales!!

  • October 11, 2012 at 10:44 am

    Congrats on the release! Thanks for doing all of these blog posts. Hope the book is doing well!

  • October 11, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    I’m sorry to see the tour end–it was fun to learn about you! Looking forward to reading this…


  • October 12, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    I met Brien in the elevator at Lori’s LOL. Saw this lean & lanky young man with an “author” badge and salivated at the prospect of a new to me author. Immediately introduced myself and asked what he wrote. It remains one of my fave memories. Keep up the good work Brien!

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