So apparently the question in yesterday’s contest caused some consternation as people don’t know anything about Canada. I’ll bet you do, you just don’t realize it.  Start with this Reader’s Digest list of the top ten movies you probably didn’t realize were filmed in Canada.

If you watched X-Men (the first movie in the series), you’ve seen a location shot right in my very own hometown.  Dr. Xavier’s school (the exterior only) was filmed at Parkwood. Parkwood was also the home of The Last Don, and Billy Madison, amongst other films. The interior of Dr. X’s school was filmed in Casa Loma in Toronto.

If you watched the Tom Selleck series of Jesse Stone television movies, you’ve seen Lunenburg in Nova Scotia.

If you watched television shows such as Flashpoint — they don’t even bother to try to hide that it’s Toronto. Normally it stands in as Chicago or New York. Or Boston. If you’ve seen RED, the hotel where Bruce Willis et all have their little shoot out at the end is the Royal York in downtown Toronto, the library where they find a clue is actually the Toronto Reference Library.  The railway station where the Silver Streak crashes is Toronto’s Union Station.

copyright Leah Braemel

Parts of The Recruit were filmed in all sorts of Toronto neighborhoods. The store where Matt Damon and Minnie Driver go shopping on one of their first dates in Good Will Hunting, the one with all the weird joke toys, is a shop on Queen Street in downtown Toronto, as is the interior of the bar where he meets Minnie, and Minnie’s dorm room is in U of T.    Did you know that even parts of A Christmas Story were filmed near Toronto?

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Did you like the X-files? Most of that series (not the movie) was filmed in Vancouver.  Same with Dead Like Me. Are you a Twilight fan — 3 of the 4 movies, starting with New Moon were filmed in British Columbia. Take a look at this list of films and television shows shot just in the Vancouver area. I’m sure you’ll have watched at least one.

Vancouver BC - Copyright Leah Braemel

Brokeback Mountain was filmed in the foothills of the Rockies just outside of Calgary.  (the photo below is of Banff, a little further west than the foothills, but you get the idea of how beautiful is it.)

Banff - Copyright Leah Braemel

Leo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can visited Quebec City — you can see it in the scene where Tom Hanks eventually catches up with him — the little French town is actually lower Quebec City. (and it’s GORGEOUS there — it really feels like being in Europe.)

Quebec-City - Copyright Leah Braemel

Yesterday I mentioned Mount Tremblant — it’s a famous ski resort, or perhaps I should say infamous, as it is the location where the late Natasha Richardson fell and hit her head resulting in her death. But it’s still beautiful there — DH and I visited it the following year for our 30th wedding anniversary.

Pedestrian Village at Mount Tremblant - Copyright Leah Braemel

Still stuck for ideas? Just pick up your favorite movies — and check out where it was filmed. I’ll bet if you pick up five different movies, at least one of them will have shots of Canada in it.   Oh, and if you ever want to see where I grew up, try Fly Away Home.  (My sister’s house can be seen in one of the fly-over scenes.  The marsh where they ultimately land that is supposed to be South Carolina is Sandbanks Provincial Park on Lake Ontario near Picton Ontario where I used to go camping as a little girl, and took my boys camping when they were little.)  Or you can always go skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa … or walk under Niagara Falls…

Niagara Falls - copyright Leah Braemel



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