Yippee, I’ve turned in the first book in my upcoming western trilogy to my editor at Carina Press for her to do her magic with. I worked right up to the last minute on this one, and wrote my longest book ever. (Well, longest contracted book ever, we won’t talk about the overly-long fantasies I wrote last decade that will never officially see the light of day.)   Okay, so I turned it in at the first of the month, but in the meantime I’ve been busy working on book 2 as well as catching up on all the stuff I’d put aside to meet my deadline.

jbhorseshoeI’m really pleased with Tyler’s story (that’s book one — the powers that be over at Carina are deciding upon a title for both the book and the series).

When I first started writing it I thought it was going to be quite an angsty story, and while there is drama, it’s pretty lighthearted too.As is usual for me, it’s a complicated story, but even after I’d discussed ad nauseum with my beta readers, I still managed to surprise them (with the plot line), which I always consider a good thing.

So now in addition to writing book 2 (Jake’s story), I’m working on finishing up my taxes (Canadian taxes aren’t due until the end of April, so I’ve got a few days to spare), organizing the last bit of promo for the Romantic Times convention in Kansas City, and for the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together in June. (When I first started writing professionally, I never realized just how much graphic design I’d end up doing–it’s as time consuming as writing.)  If you’re attending either convention, make sure you stop by and say hi. I’ll have special goodies for you. And if you can’t attend, don’t forget you can always send a self-addressed stamped envelope to my mail box and my street team leader will send you out bookmarks, postcards, etc. so you don’t have to feel left out.

Where’s Leah been hiding?

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  • April 14, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    YAY! Another western. I am so happy to hear this! And it’s the first in a trilogy. Oh, you just made my whole day!!

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