ContemporaryRomanceCafe-BadgeI have been so buried in travel and conferences and edits and writing that I’ve forgotten to post that a group of Carina Press contemporary romance authors have started up a new joint blog called the Contemporary Romance Cafe. We’ll promoting not only our Carina books but our books with other publishers as well as hosting guest bloggers, but the main theme will always be contemporary romances, of all heat levels.

So join me and Lynda Aicher, Gillian Archer, Christi Barth, Kelsey Browning, Anah Crow, Rebecca Crowley, Christine d’Abo, Amie Denman, LIz Flaherty, Dianne Fox, Jodie Griffin, Rachael Johns, Jeffe Kennedy, Samantha Ann King, Kat Latham, Amber Lin, Jana Richards, Reese Ryan, Lily Santana, Brighton Walsh, Maggie Wells every day.

There are weekly prizes this first month of a $25 Amazon gift certificate, so go on over for your chance to win (and discover some of your favorite or new authors.)

There’s a new blog in town

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  • May 20, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    This sounds great, all that talent corralled into one place! So easy to access you all. Congratulations on the new endeavor!!

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