I found this video on FB the other day–I swear I could happily listen to Stephen Fry read the phone book, but listening to him on this rant on the English language and the people who claim to love it…with a very interesting point of view on it, that I found myself nodding to.

I love Stephen’s vocabulary — for a writer, it’s like word porn. It makes me melt into a puddle of happy goo to hear the proper words used instead of our language being dumbed down the way a NY publisher’s editor told me they expect writers to do — to a grade five level, because that’s the average level of the average American reader. (I’ve often wondered an English editor asks the same of an English writer or, listening to Mr. Fry, do they encourage their authors to raise the level of their readers’ education?)

Ah, well, that’s a rant for another day…

Now to be fair, the video was made several years ago, and The Globe and Mail’s journalist has some interesting arguments to make in his article.

Sit back and enjoy Stephen’s view on the growth and changes of the language…do you agree? Or is he way off base? (And with that wonderful voice, does it matter?)

On language, grammar and growth
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