My street team leaders Tabatha and Kayla have put together today’s post — they’re looking for new members to help spread the word about my books. A street team sends some people running for the hills–they think of them as extreme fan girling, but they’re not. At least mine isn’t.

All we ask is that you do whatever you feel comfortable doing — whether it’s leaving a starred review on Amazon, or a written review there. Liking my author page on Amazon. Or carrying some bookmarks or post cards to your book group if you belong to one, or … well, I’ll let Tabatha and Kayla explain…

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Want to join Leah’s Street Team, the Braemel Brigade? Well now’s your chance!  In honor of Leah’s upcoming release, Slow Ride Home, we’re looking for additional members to join our team. The Braemel Brigade is a great way to promote one of your favorite authors, as well as enjoy some perks just for helping out. By joining her team, you are signing up to help spread the word about Leah’s books by any means you feel comfortable.  Social media is a powerful tool for all authors, so every little bit you can do will help tremendously. Being a part of the team means you will be given special snippets, advanced info on upcoming releases, participate in street team only contests, and so much more!  We appreciate all help in any way you feel comfortable doing.

Just so you have an idea of what to expect, below is a list of a few of the ways that the street team helps spread the word about Leah’s books.

  • Recommending Leah’s books to your friends (most books are sold by word-of-mouth)
  • Tagging and Liking via retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Diesel Books, All Romance eBooks, and Facebook
  • Handing out bookmarks or postcards to friends or fellow members of your book clubs or at any reader conferences you attend (supplied to you at your request via our team email)
  • Doing reviews on retailer sites and GoodReads (or just a star rating)
  • Hosting Leah on your blog
  • Tweeting or re-tweeting about Leah’s books, contests, giveaways, and blog appearances (remember hash tags)
  • Re-posting FaceBook messages, etc.
  • Purchasing Leah’s books on their release week (or even pre-ordering them) as that helps jumpstart the rankings to get her books even more notice by getting them on any bestselling lists
  • Joining the team on both FaceBook & GoodReads in Leah’s Lounge

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, then joining the Brigade is easy!  Just email us at to sign up.

A call from the Braemel Brigade
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