Happy Thanksgiving, Canada 3


Yup, it’s Thanksgiving Day up here in Canada. So I’m taking the day off, chilling out as dinner cooks. Okay, so since I’m the only carnivore I spared the turkey above from the oven. But there’ll still be cornbread and stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie for dessert. All of which I am thankful for.

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Canada

  • Shirley Long

    Leah~~I totally didn’t know that Canada had a Thanksgiving day. Learn something new every day. It’s actually Columbus day here in the US.
    Your meal sounds a lot like mine. Do you make cornbread stuffing (here in Texas we call it cornbread dressing) but you know what I mean. We’ll have baked sweet potatoes since I don’t know how to make a sweet potato casserole and we will also have the pumpkin pie which will be Mrs. Smith’s since I don’t bake. And we’ll have Cool Whip to go on top of the warm pie. But you’re better than me. we will have a turkey breast, smoked outside on the BBQ pit and probably a smoked ham too since I’m not much for turkey.
    Sorry, didn’t mean to get so wound up. Have a wonderful day!!

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