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Leah Braemel Leah Braemel is a multi-published author of erotic romance, contemporary romance and historical erotic romance. Though she’d written for years, she’d never dared show anyone her work until, after a discussion about following his dreams, her eldest son challenged her to seek publication. Eighteen months later, Leah received her first publishing contract from Samhain Publishing. Private Property went on to hit Amazon bestselling lists and received numerous nominations as Best Erotic Romance and Leah was nominated as Best Erotic Romance author. Leah now has titles published with Samhain Publishing, Harlequin’s single title digital first imprint Carina Press, and Canadian publisher Quarry Press as well as a self-published short story through Smashwords. Though she loves writing Texans with their slow drawls, Leah lives in Ontario Canada with her husband, two sons, their dog Seamus who behaves like a cat, and cat Turtle who behaves like a dog. Website: Contact: Promotional materials available from – Please email


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Author Short Biography

Leah Braemel is the only woman in a houseful of males that includes her college-sweetheart husband, two sons, a Shih Tzu named Seamus and Turtle the cat. She loves escaping the ever-multiplying dust bunnies by opening up her laptop to write about sexy heroes and the women who challenge them. Reviewers have awarded Leah’s books numerous Top Pick and Recommended Reads designations as well as nominated them as Best Contemporary Romance, Best Erotic Romance and Best Ménage and More. Leah has also been nominated as Favorite Author and Best Erotic Romance Author.


Leah Braemel is the only woman in a houseful of males that includes her college-sweetheart husband, two sons, a Shih Tzu named Seamus who behaves like a cat and Turtle the cat who thinks he’s a dog. She loves escaping the ever-multiplying dust bunnies by opening up her laptop to write about sexy heroes and the women who challenge them. Leah has a contemporary romantic suspense series, and sexy cowboys with Harlequin’s digital first imprint Carina Press—including Texas Tangle which was a #1 Kobo Bestseller. She also is published by Canadian publisher Quarry Press as well as having several self-published works.

Bibliography –

Pronunciation: Braemel is pronounced Bray-mel, with a slight emphasis on the mel

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Current Publishers

Carina Press
Samhain Publishing
Quarry Press
Somerlane Publishing


Romance Writers of America (Professional Author Network member)
Outreach International Romance Writers

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Leah’s Reader’s Group on Facebook:

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Author Photos

These photos are for press and media use only, they are not to be used to endorse any product other than Leah Braemel’s books. They are of website resolution only — right click to save to your computer. If you require a different size or a high resolution version, please contact

Please credit the following photos to Angela Scappatura

photograph by Angela Scappaturaphotograph by Angela Scappatura photograph by Angela Scappatura

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These are web-sized covers. If you need a larger size or the high resolution version, please contact Leah at

Upcoming Releases:

UNASHAMED_coverreveal1 Private Property by Leah Braemel Personal-Protection_462x693_72dpi WTP_200x316_final


Somerlane Publishing

contemporary erotic romance

Releases fall 2016 in digital & print



Private Property

Somerlane Publishing

A Hauberk Protection novella

contemporary erotic romance

Returning in digital July 12, 2016

print version coming soon


Personal Protection

Somerlane Publishing

a Hauberk Protection novel

contemporary romance

Returning August 16, 2016 in digital

print version coming soon


Wrangling the Past

Carina Press
A Grady Legacy novel
contemporary western

ISBN 13 (digital):  978-0-9879304-5-3

Length: 140 pages

Formerly part of the Hunks, Hammers
& Happily Ever Afters bundle,
Unashamed has been expanded
and will be released both
digitally & in print


ISBN 13 (digital):  978-0-9879304-6-0

Length: approximately 90 pages

formerly published by
Samhain Publishing

Private Property will be released in print later this year in a print anthology combined with FIRST NIGHT

ISBN 13 (digital):  978-0-9879304-8-4

Length: 390 pages

formerly published by

Samhain Publishing

Contractor Max Moretti knows that once he turns over the keys on his latest project, he and his business partner Noah McNaughton will have to say goodbye to shy but sexy house flipper, Hayley O’Connell. Something neither he nor Noah are ready for. When Max overhears Hayley discussing a ménage fantasy, Max wonders if she’s the woman they’ve always wanted. With Noah’s help, Max constructs a plan to see if their attraction is mutual.

Being sandwiched between the two sexy construction workers introduces Hayley to pleasure she’d never known before, but watching the two men care for each other quickly becomes an addiction. An addiction that both intrigues and overwhelms her.

One passion-filled night turns into two, and Max and Noah find themselves faced with a bigger challenge than revealing their sexy secrets to Hayley—convincing her that forever is better with three.

Security specialist Jodi Tyler has a great job and a great relationship with her boss, Mark Rodriguez—in the office and in the bedroom. Their casual arrangement is all she wants, and she’d thought it was all Mark wanted too. Right up until she’s busted while testing the security of a Lake Arlington mansion. To her surprise, and with the help of the mansion’s owner, Sam Watson, Jodi’s no-strings affair with Mark is about to become a little more…binding.

Sharing Jodi with his best friend Sam was supposed to be fun. But as the intimate evening progresses, certain feelings come to light, feelings Mark didn’t know he had. Feelings he doesn’t know what to do about. But Sam does. And he knows exactly what to do about them.

By evening’s end, the decisions Mark is forced to make will change everyone’s lives. He will either disappoint them all—or claim Jodi as his own private property.

Despite owning a security business, Sam Watson refuses protection for himself, even after receiving threats from a stalker. His second-in-command, however, isn’t willing to take no for an answer, and assigns Sam a security detail headed by none other than Rosalinda Ramos—Sam’s secret object of lust. As an employee, she’s strictly hands-off. Though, working so closely together, Sam isn’t sure how long he can resist.

A female in a male-dominated industry, Rosie has enough on her plate just proving her worth, so she keeps her attraction to Sam firmly in check. Until she learns he co-owns an exclusive club. While investigating the club as a possible source of the threat, Rosie discovers her own interest in certain sexual proclivities. Before long, it’s all bets off, and all hands-on, for Sam and Rosie.

But the couple will soon discover the real threat to Sam is much, much closer to home…and something from which Rosie may not be able to save him.

Previous Releases:

Feeding the Flames ~ Official Website of Leah Braemel No Accounting for Cowboys by Leah Braemel Slow Ride Home, Book 1 of The Grady Legacy by Leah Braemel

Feeding the Flames

Somerlane Publishing

Release date: February 7, 2015

Originally part of the

Five Alarm Alpha Bundle (Nov 2014)

No Accounting for Cowboys

A Grady Legacy book

Carina Press

May 2014

Slow Ride Home

A Grady Legacy book

Carina Press

Nov 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9879304-2-2

Length: 28,000 words (approx. 90 pages)

ISBN: 9781426898389

Length: 103,000 words (approx 300 pages)

ISBN:  9781426897351

Length: 97,000 words (approx 270 pages)

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Rankings and Nominations

Has been on the Amazon bestseller list multiple times including #1 Amazon Kindle – Literature and Fiction – Erotica (Texas Tangle 2010) #1 Kobo Bestselling Book (Texas Tangle, September 2010) Reviewers have awarded Leah’s books numerous Top Pick and Recommended Reads designations, including a recommended read review for Slow Ride Home from USA Today, and a four star review for Hidden Heat from RT Reviews. The reviewers at The Romance Reviews nominated Tangled Past, as “Best Erotic Menage and More″ and The Romance Studio nominated Private Property for a CAPA award for “Best Erotic Romance,” Deliberate Deceptions as “Best Contemporary Romance″, Hidden Heat as “Best Romantic Suspense″, and Leah herself has been nominated in the “Best Erotic Romance Author” and “Favorite Author.”

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Review Quotes

“Leah Braemel infuses her pleasurably sensual love stories with compelling characters, depth of emotion, delights of passion and the joy of love that equals a treat for the reader.”  ~ The Romance Studio

*Recommended Read* “Slow Ride Home kept me enthralled. I became completely invested in Ben and Allie’s story and am looking forward to No Accounting for Cowboys, book two in The Grady Legacy series” ~ Lea Franczak, USA Today

4 STARS “The latest book in the Hauberk Protection series is almost too hot to touch.”– Spencer Freeman, RT Reviews

A TRUE GEM – Slow Ride Home is one of those rare romance books that while you get romance and hot and oh so steamy sex, you get a complete story that keeps you hooked from beginning to end.” ~Slick Reads, Guilty Pleasures Reviews

“I loved it. Leah’s attention to detail and her emotion filled tale give this a 4 and a half moon rating from me.” ~ Kim RochaBook Obsessed Chicks

5 Stars and a Top Pick: “Once again Ms Braemel has made her story come to life and taken me along on the journey” ~Terri, Night Owl Romance 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read
“For a truly great ménage read, TEXAS TANGLE is the book for you. I couldn’t get enough of it and had to read it twice, okay – three times!” ~Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

“…how many synonyms are there for tremendous, enjoyable, fabulous and awesome? If you’re looking for an emotional, sensual, heartwarming story, this is it.” ~ Lea, Blackraven’s Reviews

4.5 Blue Ribbons“…hot and steamy story…Leah Braemel didn’t shy away from all the emotional entanglements that can occur within a ménage…well-written, emotional and extremely erotic story. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up!” ~ Cheryl, Romance Junkies

Top Pick Review “Leah Braemel has the talent to bring her characters alive and her settings real… a big story that felt at least twice as long as it is.” ~Terri, Night Owl Romance

“All of the stories in this anthology have very sexy sex scenes, but I think this story really upped up the ante.” ~ Under the Covers Book Blog