Hauberk Protection series



A note from Leah: I’ve been asked if there are any plans for another Hauberk story. Yes, I do plan to write more in the series. But I have a three book contract with Harlequin’s Carina Press, which means I’m focusing my attention on those contracted books first. I am not a fast writer, so most likely there won’t be a new book for a while.  So all I can do is ask for your patience, but I can assure you, Scott and Andy will be getting their own stories.


Chronological order of the series

First Night (an erotic short story of how Mark & Jodi started their affair)
Private Property (Mark & Jodi — and introduces Sam)
Personal Protection (Sam and Rosie’s story -introduces the rest of the Hauberk gang)
Deliberate Deceptions (Chad and Lauren’s story)
Hidden Heat (Troy and Sandy’s story)
Perfect Proposal (short story, follow up of Sam & Rosie from Personal Protection)

For background information, corporate structure and industry terminology of Hauberk Protection, visit the Hauberk Protection Primer page.