Hauberk Protection series

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A note from Leah: I’ve been asked if there are any plans for a Hauberk Book #5. Yes, I do plan to write another book in the series. But I have a three book contract with Harlequin’s Carina Press, which means I’m focusing my attention on those contracted books first. They should all be written by early 2014. My Hauberk books have to be written in full before I submit them to my editor at Samhain who has to fit them into his schedule. I am not a fast writer, so most likely I won’t be able to send a completed manuscript to my editor until fall of 2014, and he’ll probably be scheduling any new releases a year in advance.  So all I can do is ask for your patience, but I can assure you, Scott will be getting his own story.

Available in Digital:

Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 4

Available in print:

Private Deceptions, Hauberks Books 1 & 3Book 2Book 4

Chronological order of the series

First Night* Available free on my website
Private Property
Personal Protection
Deliberate Deceptions
Perfect Proposal (short story, follow up of Sam & Rosie from Personal Protection)
Hidden Heat 

Print books available

Private Deceptions
(anthology of book 1 Private Property & book 3 Deliberate Deceptions)
now available

Personal Protection (book 2), now available

Hidden Heat (book 4) available April 2, 2013

Don’t forget to download First Night, a free story about how Jodi and Mark’s started their affair, and introduces Sam, the owner of Hauberk Protection. Or you can read it here online.  And if you liked Sam and Rosie’s story, Personal Protection, read how Sam proposes to Rosie in Perfect Proposal — it’s a 13K word story, or approximately 45 pages.

For background information, corporate structure and industry terminology of Hauberk Protection, visit the Hauberk Protection Primer page.