Private Deceptions

Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Books 1 and 3 of the Hauberk Protection Series
Format: trade paperback
Released: January 1, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-61921-182-7

Private Deceptions is a print anthology combining the first and third books in the Hauberk Protection series. If you loved them the first time around in digital format, now you have the chance to own the print copies. And if you’ve not been able to read them because you don’t like digital books, you will be able to read the story that introduced Sam, the owner of Hauberk Protection…

“…run the gamut from scorching to heartrending, blending the allure of private agents with real-life drama and plenty of heat.” ~ 4 Star rating from Romantic Times

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Private Property

Book 1 in the Hauberk Protection series

Nominated for Best Erotic Romance of 2009 by the reviewers at The Romance Studio

There’s nothing casual about this caper.

Jodi Tyler has loved and lost too many times to believe in happily ever after. That’s what makes her no-strings affair with her boss so perfect—his power in bed matches his respect for her independence. Still, when he surprises her with a ménage for her birthday, her secret thrill wars with a nagging thought: Why would he so casually share her with another man?

…a luscious, fast paced adventure that is sure to please readers who enjoy an edgy and intense erotic romance ~The Romance Studio

Even though Mark Rodriguez holds Jodi at arm’s length from his heart, her self-confidence is a turn-on he can’t resist. Inviting old college buddy and future business partner Sam into their bed for one night was supposed to set free her wildest fantasy. Instead he finds the tables turned, forced to watch while Sam brings her to the height of ecstasy.

Now, Mark’s not so sure he wants to share his treasure…

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Deliberate Deceptions
Book 3 in the Hauberk Protection series

Nominated as Best Contemporary Romance of 2011 by the reviewers at The Romance Studio

A little lying and misdirection in the name of love is never wrong. Right?

Chad Miller once had the perfect life—a beautiful baby daughter, a loving wife, a promising career with the FBI. Within a year, he’d lost everything. Making Hauberk Protection a success salvaged his career, but he’s never managed to get over the one fateful decision that spelled the end of his marriage. And the death of his child.

a stand-out in the contemporary erotic genre. ~ Joyfully Reviewed

For eight years, grief and guilt have haunted Lauren Miller’s climb up the ranks of the Light Brigade, a secret international hostage rescue team. Now she’s the target of a vengeful ex-Brigade operative who’ll stop at nothing to take her down. Even if it means taking out everyone she cares about. Including Chad. Getting him to accept her as his bodyguard? It’ll take some fast talking—and faster hands.

Trapped in a remote safe house with Lauren is the last place Chad ever wanted to be. He may finally have the chance to get some answers about why she ran, but with his hard-won defenses crumbling, he’s having trouble remembering the questions. In the heat of their rekindled passion, Lauren struggles to keep her professional focus…and keep the secrets that could break his heart all over again.

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