I’m guest blogging over at Delilah Devlin’s website today — talking about some of the updates I had to make to PERSONAL PROTECTION now it’s being re-released. Drop on by to find out why Superman would be in trouble these days…and other things that have become parts of our every […]

Superman would be in trouble

I’m over at the Contemporary Romance Cafe today, talking about how I ended up with two stories with the same characters (not a big deal, right?) but also the same title. So head on over to the Cafe and find out how that happened. And why it shouldn’t be too […]

I am totally Unashamed

When I first started writing I was a kid, but I was a voracious reader. I inhaled books–and would stagger out of my library with eight (the maximum that I was allowed to borrow) clutched in my arms. Then I’d return a week later and exchange them for the maximum […]

Is it really a repetition? Or a rhetorical device?

A few years ago, I met author Mellanie Szereto at Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get Together. I learned that in addition to writing romances, Mellanie posted writing tips on her blog, and this year I learned she’d gathered all her tips together into a series of books. (The Writing […]

I’m over at Writing Tip Wednesday

I’m over at the Contemporary Romance Cafe today talking about meeting my characters…sometimes they’re co-operative, sometimes they’re not. And sometimes they’re mysterious… Read more here.

Meeting my characters

Hey there, remember me? Yup, I’m still around, just quiet because I’m busy trying to finish up two stories. But today I’m cooking up trouble over at the Contemporary Cafe. Stop by and say hi!

Cooking up trouble

I’m over at the Wild and Wicked Cowboys blog today — I borrowed my Pay It Forward theme to feature W&WC’s own Desiree Holt. And I’m giving away a Kindle copy of her Controlled Burn. That’s Desiree’s story that was part of the Five Alarm Alpha bundle. (I loved it!) […]

Paying it forward with a contest
I’m over at Everybody Needs a Little Romance today, talking about a few things that happened over the past months, and mentioning that I’m starting to question where I am in the pecking order in my house. (Hint: I’m not at the top. I think that’s the cat.)

Where do I rank around here?

I’m over at the Contemporary Romance Cafe today, listing off all the things “they” never told me about being a published author. It’s a long list…

Things they never told me…

Tulips, Copyright'
Tulips in the park, but the best tulips of all are two-lips in the dark ♥ Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  I’m over at the Romance Canadian Style blog today, talking about the link between Canada and the Netherlands, and why there are so many tulips (over a million) in Ottawa every […]

Tulips in the Garden

I’m over at the Contemporary Romance Cafe, having a ramble about a course I’ve been asked to teach, and some of the things I’m worrying about (when do I not worry) and if I’ll lead my students astray…

Those who can do, those who can’t…

I’m over at Romance Eh? Romance Canadian Style blog today, for the first of what will be regular posts on the third of every month. Romance eh also features Canadian romance authors: Deborah Cooke, Eve Langlais, Jan Springer, Jessica Subject, Kacey Hammell, Kali Willows, Karyn Gerrard, Kayleigh Malcolm, Layna Pimentel, […]

Romance eh?