Perfect Proposal

Just a quick heads-up to those of you who have read/bought/follow my Hauberk series. A little backstory for those coming later to the saga–it’s confusing I know, so try to stay with me: When I wrote PRIVATE PROPERTY back in 2008 and submitted it to Samhain Publishing, I figured it was […]

Re-enumerating: or Change it is a-comin’, part deux. Or is ...

Yesterday Samhain Publishing announced that they will be closing their doors as of February 28th, 2017.  They had initially thought they would have to close their doors last year, but then after closing their physical offices hoped that maybe they could hang on. Sadly it has turned out that wasn’t […]

Samhain Publishing Closing February 28th

Samhain Publishing is celebrating the leap year by having a sale — they’ve dropped the price of all their ebooks by 40%.  So if you have had some titles on your wishlist, now’s the time to grab them. You do own my Hauberk books, right? Well, now’s your chance to […]

Get 40% off all Samhain books

So this happened on Christmas Eve. You may remember that Guitar Hero asked his girlfriend to marry him in October. They said at the time that the future Mrs. Guitar Hero had always wanted to elope rather than spend tons of money on a big church wedding. (This was reinforced […]

Snippet Saturday – real life romance mimics fiction

Life in the big city — working your way through waves of pedestrians some walking toward you, some away, some speed walking, some meandering. Traffic zipping or crawling in the streets, brakes squealing, exhaust fumes, horns honking. Sirens. Jack hammers. Yet a big city, even somewhere like Manhattan, can actually […]

Snippet Saturday: Belong to the Big City

Okay, so technically today’s topic is City as a Setting, but considering what I write, I couldn’t resist changing it up a little. A well-written setting can take on a life and affect a scene as surely as a character. A fancy mansion, an ancient manor, or a house with […]

Snippet Saturday: Sex and the City

With the Americans now finishing up their Thanksgiving (we Canadians had ours in October), the Christmas trees and decorations are going up and the carols are being played in the stores. (Although truthfully some of the local stores started putting up their decorations in September!) So today’s theme is all […]

Snippet Saturday

Usually I put my characters through hell before they get to that “life is beautiful” stage. But with Sam Watson and Rosie Ramos, I gave the reader an extra peek into their lives after their story ended in Personal Protection. Oh, I couldn’t make it completely easy for Sam, but […]

Snippet Saturday: Life is Beautiful

Dawn over at the Day Dreaming blog just reviewed my erotic short story Perfect Proposal. To start off this review I want to say “THANK YOU Miss Braemel!” and why do I say “thank you”? Go read the review and find out why she says “thank you”, then buy your own […]

Review of Perfect Proposal

You first met Sam Watson in Private Property when he turned the tables on his friend Mark to teach him a lesson about how to treat your girlfriend. Then you met Sam again in his own story Personal Protection as he fell for Rosie Ramos. Sam returned in January to […]

Sam needs your support!

Scorching Book Reviews is holding a really fun Blind Speed Dating Event. My very own Sam Watson (he of the ultimate hotness and owner of Hauberk Protection) will be taking part from March 7th to 9th, but you really should go over and vote for the other contestants’ entries on […]

Blind Speed Dating fun!

Own a Nook?  Want a short story to read over your lunch, or on the train on the way into or home from work?  Perfect Proposal is the perfect length.  And it’s now available for your Nook through Barnes and Noble.

Perfect Proposal now available at B&N