Northern Heat

I can’t believe Private Property was published five years ago today. It was my first published novella, and the first story of my beloved Hauberk series. Now here I am with ten stories published, and two more to come out later this year. (For those wondering about some of the […]

My Five Year Birthday

Today is my birthday and I’m having another birthday bash. Which means I’m switching the traditions around and giving away presents. Once again, I’ve invited other authors to help me celebrate so you’ll end up with a very big present.  The photo below is just part of what is included. […]

Leah’s Birthday Bash

To welcome in summer, here’s a snippet of my couple from Unashamed (part of Northern Heat: Best Canadian Erotic Romance Stories anthology) enjoying a Canadian summer at a central Ontario resort. Where Max heats adds a little extra heat to their night a little more than Mother Nature already had… […]

Snippet Saturday – Circle in the Sand

If you’re on the eastern side of the GTA, and happen to have a few minutes to drive over to Ajax on Saturday, stop by the Durham Center Chapters Bookstore between noon and three. I’ll be there, along with authors Anara Bella and Kayla Perrin, signing copies of Northern Heat: […]

Live in the Greater Toronto Area? Come see me tomorrow!

How about something a little different today? A sneak peek into Unashamed, the short story I contributed to Northern Heat: Best Canadian Erotic Romance Stories. A game of truth or dare results in a weekend of fantasy fulfillment for a woman who asks her husband for a single night where […]

Snippet Saturday: Author’s Choice

Yup, I’m working on a deadline and I’m really aware that it’s fast approaching. (Seriously, is there some dial that gives editors the ability to make clocks work faster? Because I need it cranked to ultra-slow.) So while I’m hiding away in my cave (wondering why I am not renting […]

Busy writing, so here are pretty pictures

So apparently the question in yesterday’s contest caused some consternation as people don’t know anything about Canada. I’ll bet you do, you just don’t realize it.  Start with this Reader’s Digest list of the top ten movies you probably didn’t realize were filmed in Canada. If you watched X-Men (the first […]

That was filmed in Canada?

Since I happen to have a story coming out today in Northern Heat: Best Canadian Erotic Romance stories, I figured it might make a really nice prize for a Valentine’s Day contest.  I’ve been wracking my brains for weeks trying to come up with an interesting contest — and I’ve […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, Canadian style

  I love that line “Canadians are, contrary to popular belief, incredibly sexy.” Preorder from And I notice that Northern Heat is being distributed in the UK by Turnaround Distributors (so if your local bookstore isn’t carrying it, that’s who they can contact.)

Press release on Northern Heat: Best Canadian Erotic Romance Stories

Here’s a teaser of my contribution to Northern Heat: Best Canadian Erotic Romance Stories that’s coming out on Valentine’s Day from Quarry Press. The characters are Haley and Max, a married couple who attended a wedding of one of Max’s friends at a resort in central Ontario. Now they’re back […]

Snippet Saturday – Author’s Choice

I always love starting off a new year (or even a new month) with something positive. Luckily I have a lot of positive things to look forward to this year. The first one started on the first day with the print release of Private Deceptions.  It’s a trade paperback combining […]

Ringing in a Positive New Year