HIDDEN HEAT is available! Sandy and Troy have returned to your favourite digital bookstores. (They’ll be returning in print in June.) They have a steamy new cover, thanks to Candice of Flirtation Designs, and a new description thanks to Carolan at The Blurb Wizard: The masks we wear can hide […]

The Heat is On!   Recently updated !

With PRIVATE PROPERTY and PERSONAL PROTECTION being released with new covers, etc, I figured some of you may not have read the short story that introduced Jodi and Mark, and more importantly, Sam Watson who is the owner of Hauberk Protection, and a force to be reckoned with. He’s the […]

Dip your toe into the Hauberk series–for free!

As you may have heard, Samhain Publishing, who published my Hauberk Protection series, announced a month or so ago that they were planning on winding down. The contracts I signed for each of the Hauberk book was for seven years — that means I could have asked for the rights […]

Change is a-comin’

I have a new release!  It’s been far too long since I’ve given you something new to read. And I thank every one of you for your patience. I’m really pleased with Unashamed — my novella in the Hunks, Hammers and Happily Ever After bundle. Originally I’d planned on taking […]

Something rare happens today!

Way back in 2008, before Private Property was released, I wrote a short story for Samhain as part of their holiday celebrations. They put it up on their site for a limited time, and after that I posted it here for readers to download. For the past two years, my […]

Welcoming in the New (and revisiting the old)

Haven’t read the first book in my Grady Legacy series? Well, now you have no excuse. Carina Press has put Slow Ride Home on sale for the next two weeks — for just 99 cents. Perfect timing considering book 2 No Accounting for Cowboys comes out in 3 weeks. Buy […]

Slow Ride Home is on sale

I participated in a lot of contests recently and am sending out the prizes today. So check your inboxes if you’ve entered any recently. Just a note when you enter a contest and are asked what format you like, also let the author or contest arranger know if you’re in […]

So whatcha reading?

Did you see today’s Carina Press newsletter? How about Harlequin Books Christmas Countdown page? Today only, download Leah Braemel’s Slow Ride Home absolutely FREE! Use coupon code LBSRH13 and get your FREE copy on CarinaPress.com today! Get it now! Valid until December 9, 2013, 11:59 p.m. EST. Coupon can be […]

Today only: Download Slow Ride Home for FREE

For the really far away (from me): if you’re in Australia, the Big W eBooks site now carries my books, so you now have another source, closer to home to buy them digitally. Just click here. While we’re on the topic of where you buy your books — I’ve been […]

On Places Far and Wide

Today is my birthday and I’m having another birthday bash. Which means I’m switching the traditions around and giving away presents. Once again, I’ve invited other authors to help me celebrate so you’ll end up with a very big present.  The photo below is just part of what is included. […]

Leah’s Birthday Bash

I’m thrilled to host Cristal Ryder again.  And I had to chuckle as I read her post — especially when she says “google Wasaga Beach” because I’ve been doing a lot of saving of links for when I have to write blog posts for my upcoming Christmas story which is […]

Cristal Ryder: It’s Elemental, My Dear

Dawn over at the Day Dreaming blog just reviewed my erotic short story Perfect Proposal. To start off this review I want to say “THANK YOU Miss Braemel!” and why do I say “thank you”? Go read the review and find out why she says “thank you”, then buy your own […]

Review of Perfect Proposal