Did you not know that many of my books are available through libraries? These days many ebooks can be downloaded from your library without actually having to visit the brick-and-mortar building, you can do it all online… So if you can’t afford to buy my books, check out my page on […]

Did you know how to get my books for free?

I fed in the number of entries into’s number randomizer, and let it decide. Drumroll please…. The winner of the Amazon Kindle is …. Beth Wharton Congratulations, Beth! Beth, I’ll contact you via email so keep an eye on your inbox just to make sure it doesn’t go into […]

Winner of the I Need a Kindle for Christmas contest

Own a Nook?  Want a short story to read over your lunch, or on the train on the way into or home from work?  Perfect Proposal is the perfect length.  And it’s now available for your Nook through Barnes and Noble.

Perfect Proposal now available at B&N

Although you’ve been able to buy Perfect Proposal on Amazon and Smashwords for a little over a week now, it’s slowly populating on the various other sites. (It depends when their engines go out and search Smashwords and pick up the latest uploads, if I’m reading Smashwords’ instructions correctly.) Since […]

Perfect Proposal now available on iTunes

Yesterday I was at the Toronto Romance Writers’ monthly meeting when I was approached by someone who asked: I bought your latest book but I don’t have a dedicated ereader.  How can I read it on my PC? Can you recommend a program? At the time I’d recommended Calibre but […]

Ebook Apps for Non-ebook Device Owners (or How do I ...

Amazon has just announced a new Special Offer Kindle You can get one for $114 (USD) but the trade-off is that it comes with ads as its screensavers. Is the lower price enough of an incentive to put up with ads as part of your reading experience? Would it make […]

A Kindle with Ads?

Phew! I’m back. Sort of. I’m officially done with the RITA books I had to judge, they’re read and scores are entered, so that’s done. I can’t share with you wish books I was sent to judge but I really liked this year’s batch and discovered a couple new-to-me authors […]

On books and movies and more

My time on Twitter has been really interesting. While I don’t “Tweet” much myself, and I try to limit when I open TweetDeck so I don’t get sucked into the Twitterverse instead of writing, I love finding links like this: a proposed Braille ebook reader. Wouldn’t that be cool? Although […]

A different type of Reader