Snippet Saturday – Unashamed



Copyright © 2015 Leah Braemel

Not only would it get her used to the idea of both of them touching her, but it would give him the freedom to take his time going down on her. Man, did he want to taste that sweetness between her thighs.

Max wrapped an arm around Hayley’s waist, his skin dark against the porcelain of hers. She twisted her head to look at him—there was an almost visible connection between them that Noah wanted to be part of. Love in Max’s eyes, and friendship and trust in Hayley’s.

Hayley twisted in Max’s arms, draped her arms around his neck, the length of her spine curving like a ballerina’s, her breasts pressing against Max’s chest, the two of them unaware of anything else, of him. Max caught Hayley’s mouth with his… Her soft sigh spoke of need and desire as her eyes fluttered closed. Max cupped her breast, his thumb teasing her nipple that peaked with the attention until she moaned and arched up. Only then did he capture one nipple between his teeth, tugging slightly, earning a sharp intake of breath.

Her eyes still closed, Hayley’s head fell back, the pins in her hair sparkling under the overhead lights.

Max was hard angles, muscles covered in tanned skin, made darker from the dark hair, especially over his chest, the cut of muscle sloping over his hips, the heavy erection bobbing from a nest at his groin were all angular compared to Hayley’s curves, from the plump breasts to the slope from her waist to her hip.

They were a living Vermeer, a study of light and dark, of smooth and hard, of beauty both masculine and feminine.


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Unashamed: Robertson Screwdrivers–they’re a tool, not a drink

Considering so many of my books are set in a country I don’t live in, I loved being able to write one set right close to home. One I didn’t have to worry about whether the character says a phrase a certain way or not. But I also know Canadianisms can throw off some readers (I had a reviewer once refer to my “funky Canadian language” in a previous Canadian-set book). But to be true to the characters, I don’t feel right changing things up. I have tried to explain terms so readers can understand them.

HHHea_200x300So I figured I’d do a small series of posts about the various terms or places I mentioned in Unashamed.

On the very first page, Noah and Max are working on a kitchen in Hayley’s project house:

“Stop mackin’ on my woman and hand me the damned number two Robertson, will ya?”

“Hey, I saw her first.” Max handed Noah the green-handled screwdriver but found himself drawn back to watching the woman of both their dreams.

So Noah is asking Max for a square headed screwdriver. Robertsons are color-coded by size, and trades people refer to them by number. Orange (#00) is the smallest, then there’s yellow (#0), green (#1), red (#2) and black (#3) which is the biggest size. My hubby, who is not particularly handy, asks for the green one, where my son who is in the trades would ask for a #1 (which totally confuses poor hubby.)

Robertson-ScrewdriverRobertson Screwdriver  also   According to this article in the Globe and Mail, Robertsons account for less than 5% of screwdriver sales in the States, yet over 55% of screwdriver sales in Canada. According to people who use them, they’re better than Phillips. (I’ll leave that to my hubby and son to discuss. 😉 )

Then there’s a party that I had no idea was a very regional term until my beta readers clued me in.

Max folded his arms and parked one hip against the counter he’d just installed. “You’re frowning. You don’t like it?”

“No, it’s perfect. It’s just how I envisioned it. This place is going to end up with a bidding war.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

How did she word this so it wasn’t an obvious “I want to jump your bones” plea. Not that any guy she knew would object to that invitation, but this was Max and Noah. She wanted whatever could happen between either one of them to be more than a one and done. “I know it’s short notice but are either of you free tomorrow night?”

“Why? What’s doin’?” Noah mirrored Max’s pose.

“I have to go to a friend’s Jack and Jill party and I hate the thought of showing up alone. So I was wondering if either of you’d like to come with me. Be my date.”

A Jack and Jill party is a shower for both the bride and the groom to help raise funds to pay for their wedding or honeymoon.  Sometimes they’re called stag and doe parties. Wiki says:

“In Canada, an event popular only in Manitoba or Ontario under various names to raise money for a couple who have not previously saved money for their future wedding plans or honeymoon. In Southern Ontario it may be called a stag and doe, or buck and doe, and in Northwestern Ontario it is called a shag. In Manitoba, this is often called a social or wedding social with less fundraising pressure than seen in Ontario”

There are even articles on the dos and don’ts for them. I may have let Max channel me a bit when I was writing what he thought of them.

 By Neguev (I took this photo.) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsFor their first date, Hayley and Max attend the Jack and Jill party which is being held in the Distillery District. It’s a beautiful area that used to be a whisky distillery, hence the name. You can read more about it here on Wikipedia too.  And you’ve probably seen it in a ton of movies and television shows too. Murdoch Mysteries,  Road to Avonlea, Cinderella Man, The Recruit, and on and on, because it’s kept that Victorian era feel to it.

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Something rare happens today!

I have a new release!  It’s been far too long since I’ve given you something new to read. And I thank every one of you for your patience.

I’m really pleased with Unashamed — my novella in the Hunks, Hammers and Happily Ever After bundle. Originally I’d planned on taking the short story I wrote for Northern Heat: Best Canadian Erotic Romance short stories and lengthen it, which is why you may think you recognize the title, and even the character names Noah, Max and Hayley. But the story is totally different.

As soon as I started re-writing, Hayley decided I’d spelled Haley wrong and wanted the extra Y. And she decided she’s a house flipper, not…whatever she was in the original version. Max and Hayley decided they weren’t married anymore. And Noah decided he was now Max’s business partner and knew Hayley, and was very emphatic that he’d gotten gypped in the original version and that there was a lot more to his and Max’s friendship than I’d originally told. (That’s right, all of you menage lovers, it’s a m/m/f menage so there’s some man lovin’ going on too.) And finally instead of it taking place up in the Muskokas, it now takes place in Toronto itself. The only similarity other than title and character names is that Max still owns his own contracting company. I doubt more than a sentence or two survives from the original short.

Yup, you have a brand new 35,000 word m/m/f menage for your reading pleasure.

sweet-cheeks_99But you don’t just get my story when you buy Hunks, Hammers and Happily Ever Afters, you get 6 more stories by best selling authors Cari Quinn, Cathy Clamp, Anna J. Stewart, and featuring authors Jodi Redford, Amie Stuart,  Chudney Thomas too! They are all novellas, not short stories. You’ll get almost 200,000 words — the equivalent of two full novels, and for only a couple weeks, for only 99 cents.

Oh and if you’re on Facebook tomorrow night, stop by and help us celebrate. You are officially invited to the Hunks, Hammers and Happily Ever Afters Facebook party where we’ll be sharing snippets and giving away prizes between 6 – 10 p.m. I’ll be hosting at 8:30 (That’s Eastern time, folks, so if you’re in central time, that’s 7:30 pm; Rocky Mountain time, 6:30; and on the Pacific, it”ll be 5:30 pm)



Contractor Max Moretti knows that once he turns over the keys on his latest project, he and his business partner Noah McNaughton will have to say goodbye to shy but sexy house flipper, Hayley O’Connell. Something neither he nor Noah are ready for.  When Max overhears Hayley discussing a ménage fantasy, Max wonders if she’s the woman they’ve always wanted. With Noah’s help, Max constructs a plan to find out if Hayley is their Miss Right or just Miss Right Now…

Being sandwiched between the two sexy construction workers introduces Hayley to pleasure she’d never known before, but watching the two men care for each other quickly becomes an addiction. An addiction that both intrigues and overwhelms her.

One passion-filled night turns into two, and Max and Noah find themselves faced with a bigger challenge than revealing their sexy secrets to Hayley—convincing her that forever is better with three.

Here’s a teaser of Unashamed:

Copyright © 2015 Leah Braemel

As they got within sight of his truck, he hit unlock on the key fob. He’d intended to reach past her to open her door, but instead he found himself leaning in, lowering his head until their foreheads nearly touched. The perfume she’d put on earlier had nearly worn off, but the hint of it teased his nostrils, as did the view of a lacy pink bow on her bra.

Her breath hitched and heat poured off her, the air between them crackling. She flattened her hands over his chest, sliding one slim finger through the opening between buttons. “Do you know how often I’ve fantasized about doing this?”

Oh really? The idea that she might have been picturing him instead of Dipwad sent a blast of pleasure through him. “Yeah?”

“For months.” Her tongue made another appearance and her lids fluttered down, hiding her eyes. “How come you’ve not even kissed me yet?”

It was the yet that had Max threading his fingers through her hair to cup the back of her head. The yet that had him capturing her lips. Her breath was warm on his cheek as she sighed and sank into the kiss, opening her lips, allowing him entrance. She tasted of merlot and the apple crisp they’d served for dessert, but beneath it was a promise of something more. Of acceptance, of love. A promise that he vowed he would not let slip through his fingers.

Max placed his hands on her hips, and slid one hand beneath her silk shirt touching the bare skin of her midriff. “Did you imagine me touching you like this?”

“Yes.” Her answer came out on a sigh as her eyes fluttered closed. “And more.”

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SHADY LADY – Amie Stuart

Construction Supervisor Lexi Kimball is the one person everyone loves to hate. Everyone except a sexy foreman with an adventurous streak, that is.

UNASHAMED — Leah Braemel
Two sexy contractors double house flipper Hayley O’Connell’s fun. But can they convince her the fun should last forever? (m/m/f menage)

LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR – Chudney Thomas
Mica Lawson is a failure and a flake; at least according to her family. Then one stalled elevator, and a sexy repairman, change her life.