On Birthdays, uncluttering and unplugging

I’m over at the Contemporary Romance Cafe today, talking about what I did last week. And what I didn’t do.



Also, one of my favorite bloggers/reviewers, Shayna Renee, is celebrating her birthday on her blog by giving away signed paperbacks, including a copy of my Private Deceptions.  Stop by her blog to wish her a Happy Birthday, and enter the contest. (There are lots of other paperbacks to be won too)

Shayna Renee


And if you’re on Facebook, (or you can leave a comment for her here) don’t forget to wish my friend and street team leader Tabatha a happy birthday too!


Birthday Bash!

Leah's Birthday Giveaway

It’s my birthday so I’m celebrating by giving away a basket that is worthy of Paige from No Accounting for Cowboys. The only thing missing is the Betty dye she uses. ;) You have lots of ways to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below — use as many or as few as you want, but the one mandatory item is that you have to leave a comment on my blog. And sorry international folk, the cost of postage these days makes it prohibitive to send this package outside of North America. The contest will run until August 1st…void where prohibited, no purchase necessary.

In the basket:

One bottle each of: (you can find close ups of all the colors here)
– OPI Love, Angela, Music, Baby from the Gwen Stefani Collection (gold satin finish)
– OPI In True Stefani Fashion (silver glitter)
– OPI Oh Hey, Baby (pink creme gloss)
– OPI Push and Shove (chrome with mirror finish)
– OPI 4 in the Morning from the Gwen Stefani Collection (black satin finish)
One pumice stone
One nail brush
One ASP Miracle Buff & Shine Block
Kissy Lips Toe Separators
2 nail files
Heel to Toe Peppermint Pedicure Salts
Freeman Bare Foot Lotion in Peppermint Plum with Tea Tree Oil
Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Facial Mask
Trim Manicure Set ~ cuticle scissors, 3 orange sticks, metal nail file, nail clippers, cuticle pusher and cuticle trimmer

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Summer Vacation Blog Hop

**This contest closed Sunday, June 22 at 11:59 p.m. The winner has been chosen and has received her prize.**

Not that I get a summer vacation most years. When I can afford a vacation, I tend to take it in spring or fall when all the kids are in school and hubby and I can walk along the shore without tripping over everyone and their brother. Although I do travel some summers to the various conferences and try to sneak out to grab some tourist time.

My Grady Legacy cowboys wouldn’t get one in the summer either. They’re too busy looking after their cattle and worrying about their crops. Although, like me, Jake might be able to do some vacation-like stuff now he’s on tour a lot.

I’m going to give away a copy of your choice of my backlist to a reader. Just leave a comment telling me, if money and time wasn’t an issue, where you’d love to go on vacation. You can enter through the Rafflecopter widget, but you have to a comment on THIS page to be counted. Commenting on a post on Facebook or replying on Twitter won’t count. Click on the Rafflecopter link once you’ve left a comment.

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Jake Grady loves Bull’s Hollow ranch and all the challenges and hard work it entails. But the past year hasn’t been easy—his father’s good name has been tarnished, and new financial problems are threatening to destroy everything the Gradys have built. Performing live under a stage name has become his escape, a way of blowing off some serious steam.

Accountant Paige Reynolds found Jake’s guitar-playing alter ego intriguing, but her connection with the real Jake sends her attraction into overdrive. When she’s summoned to make order out of the chaotic paper trail at Bull’s Hollow, he sets her world a-rocking—both in bed and out. But Paige has a plan; she’s determined to create her own path for the future, but is soon left scrambling for firmer ground.

Good news about Jake’s potential singing career is followed by the revelation of another family secret, one that has him questioning whether he belongs at Bull’s Hollow at all. But leaving the ranch would mean leaving his family…and Paige. How much is he willing to give up for a real shot at fame?


Copyright © 2014 by Leah Braemel

“Can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone so fascinated over paperwork before.”

With a gasp, Paige swiveled in her chair to find Jake leaning against the door, his eyes twinkling. Her whole body heated up at his lazy grin. “You might as well come in and sit down instead of standing there watching me.”

She’d heard the term ambled before, but Jake had this laid-back confident lazy stroll that amble fit perfectly. He crooked a hip on the desk and stroked her jaw with the back of his knuckles. The simple touch set fire to the breath in her lungs.

“So what’s got you concentrating so hard?”

“I’ve run off some reports so I can compare the receipts to the entries. I’ve already found some discrepancies.”

She found the line entry and placed a ruler beneath it, then found the matching receipt. “See how she’s entered two thousand dollars for a gas payment in October? But the receipt—”

“—is for two hundred.” Jake leaned over her shoulder, the scent of earth and horse and man strangely enticing. “Damn, it’s that simple?”

“Yes.” If his mother had been carefully checking the entries she should have caught the error, but she didn’t point that out. Then again, the receipt was dated October—that would have been around the time Ed Grady had been killed. Had the bookkeeper deliberately counted on Cissy’s grief to distract her from paying close attention to the books?

She glanced up to find him looking at her, not the papers spread out on the desk. “What?”

“Nothin’. Just admirin’ the view.”

Heat blossomed in the wake of the finger he dragged along her jaw. Her breath caught and she had to press her thighs together when he traced the curve of her ear.

She rested her chin on her palm. “Do you ever wish you weren’t a rancher’s son? I mean the pressure to stay on the ranch, knowing you were going to inherit it must be have been intense.”

“I like it here. I like being busy. Oh sure I had the usual dreams of being in the rodeo when I was a kid. Then I got thrown from a horse and decided those guys were nuts to get back up. And there was a time where I was convinced I was Spiderman. Until the string I coated with superglue as a spider web didn’t stick to the beams and I busted my ass falling out of the hay loft. I think at one point I wanted to be a jet pilot, too, but that didn’t last long.”

“What convinced you not to go for it? You discover you got airsick?”

“Nope. I got my first guitar.” His grin widened, deepening his dimples. My God, it wasn’t fair that a man had dimples that deep. Her breath caught as his smile widened. She’d heard of how a smile could reach a person’s eyes but had never seen it. Until now. Jake’s whole face brightened, his eyes gleamed. It was like he was changing into someone else right in front of her eyes.

Not at RAGT? You can still eavesdrop…

2014.RAGT.Live.Contemp (1)

I’m part of Literary Escapism’s Blogger Lounge at Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get Together today. And you don’t have to be at the conference to take part. Click on the Google Hangouts link, and you can participate as they interview authors live. It starts at 2 p.m. (Eastern time) …

Hangouts On Air Link: https://plus.google.com/events/cu80t3ipr06r1dle4n3gvbvv3b4

Or you can watch it on YouTube:

I’m at Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get Together

2014 RAGT AuthorYup, it’s that time of year ago. I’m in West Chester, Ohio, attending Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get Together, signing books and getting books signed by my favorite authors. (Yes, authors get to be fangirls too!)

RAGT close upIf you’re there and you’re looking for me, I’ll be wearing my white cowboy hat so I’m easy to find. (The one year I didn’t wear it, people complained, so it’s back on!)

Since I won’t be updating my blog while I’m away (I don’t trust hotel WiFis enough to give them my password over an unsecured system), here’s my schedule…so far.  Only a few scheduled things at the moment, but I’ll be at most of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners. And if you can’t find me, look for me in the hotel restaurant/bar.

Friday, June 6th at 4 I’m teaming up with Christi Barth in the Carina Press boardroom for  a fun game of Romance MadLibs. And we’re giving away prizes. Stop on by.

Saturday, June 7th:

2014.RAGT.Live.Contemp (1)

2 p.m. (that’s Eastern time folks) I’m taking part in the #RAGTLive Blogger Chat session. You can take part through Google Hangouts even if you aren’t at the conference.

3 p.m. to 5 p.m. I’ll be signing my print books in the atrium with the other print authors. I’ll have postcards and bookmarks with info about my digital books but I’ll also have magnets and pens to give away too.