Late last year I started a feature called Pay It Forward Friday where I feature a different author every week. As it says at the top of the post each week, it’s my way of thanking that author for something they’ve done that has made a difference to my life–either […]

A gentle reminder for authors

Did you not know that many of my books are available through libraries? These days many ebooks can be downloaded from your library without actually having to visit the brick-and-mortar building, you can do it all online… So if you can’t afford to buy my books, check out my page on […]

Did you know how to get my books for free?

With the way Facebook is manipulating what posts people can see, especially with the news they’re cracking down even more on page posts in a few weeks, many authors are searching for another way to connect with our readers, and each other.  Even when we boost our posts or our […]

I’m there, how about Tsu?

Because I’ve seen so many posts lately where people haven’t realized one of the easy ways to move/organize text in Word, I’m going to re-do a post I originally wrote back in 2007, updating it for Word 2010.   By the way, I’m using an old copy of my current […]

Here’s a Handy Trick If You Use Word

I hate to admit it but I don’t read or write 24 hours a day. Sometimes I need to just put my feet up, and veg out.  To my hubby that means sitting in front of the television. Me, not so much. Where hubby was raised in a family whose […]

Changing habits

I was tagged by the talented Suzanna Medeiros to participate in The Next Big Thing series. Last week she posted about her current Work in Progress, Loving the Marquess, which you can read about here. The Next Big Thing is a blog hop of sorts wherein someone is given the […]

The Next Big Thing – my untitled WIP

Is there anything cuter than a webcam of service dog Holly’s 5 puppies waddling around and playing?  I think not. Yes, I’ve been neglecting the blog, but despite the lure of the puppycam above, (OMG they’re so sweet!) I’ve been hard at work on the next in the Hauberk series. […]

Oh the cuteness! And a teaser

I’m writing this post thanks to a short conversation on Twitter with Portia daCosta. Portia was mentioning that she’s been giving up the use of labels in her writing. And it triggered something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now… Way back in the ’90s […]

On Brand Names and Famous People Mentioned in Books

Happy 145th Birthday, Canada! And yes, I realize I’ve posted it before, but it’s still fun …

Happy Canada Day!

To give you an insight into the way my brain is hopping around today, here’s some of the things I’m pondering. Yes, it’s the next installment of Pinky’s POV* time! 1. I read. Gizmo Guy reads. Curly sometimes reads. Therefore our house is filled with books. There are book shelves […]


…ever admit that there are errors in their book? Books are written by human beings. They’re edited by other humans. And, as we all must admit, humans are flawed. We miss things. We make mistakes. As a writer, I find it almost impossible to read my own copy — I […]

Should an author…