Leah’s Lounge

If you’re on Facebook, did you know I have a readers’ group you can join?  There are contests, and chatter, including man candy posts, and sneak peeks of my works-in-progress. I also hit my readers up for names and suggestions while I’m writing. So if you want to see what’s […]

My Reader Group on Facebook

I’ve been whining for a while about how Facebook™ encourages authors to have pages by limiting us to 5,000 friends on our profiles. So we created pages and worked hard to get people to “Like” our page. But then they switched things up when they went public and we started […]

Trying something new

Today is my birthday and I’m having another birthday bash. Which means I’m switching the traditions around and giving away presents. Once again, I’ve invited other authors to help me celebrate so you’ll end up with a very big present.  The photo below is just part of what is included. […]

Leah’s Birthday Bash

The leaders of my Braemel Brigade have put together a contest over on Leah’s Lounge on Goodreads. They’re giving away a 2013 Studs and Spurs calendar like the one below. 16 lovely months of western eyecandy that could hang on your wall to inspire you.  Even if you don’t want the calendar, you […]

Like Studs and Spurs?

…enter my “I Need a Kindle for Christmas” contest, if you haven’t already entered. It closes at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 23rd, so the clock is ticking. Heads up: …I’m going to be over at Guilty Pleasures tomorrow as part of their Jingle Bells and Holiday Tales celebration. …on […]

It’s Friday! Don’t forget to…

Before I get to what I’d originally set out to blog about today — my thoughts to everyone who has been in Hurricane Sandy’s path. The outlying arm of Sandy reached my area last night but it was more gale-force winds than rain. One woman died in Toronto when she […]

Like Facebook? Like Leah’s Lounge…

My team leaders have come up with an neat A-Z Reading Challenge for 2013 over on my Goodreads group.  You have to be a member of Goodreads, and request permission to join my group, but it only takes a minute and since it doesn’t start until the new year, you’ll […]

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