Change is a-comin’

hauberk-bw_for-webAs you may have heard, Samhain Publishing, who published my Hauberk Protection series, announced a month or so ago that they were planning on winding down.

The contracts I signed for each of the Hauberk book was for seven years — that means I could have asked for the rights to Private Property back a few months ago, but at the time I decided to leave all the Hauberk books in place until I could ask for them all back at once (which would have been 2019 for Hidden Heat), but with news of the uncertainty with Samhain’s future, I decided to request they revert my rights to Private Property back to me — and they have. 

I will be releasing Private Property as a self-pubbed book in the near future — at the moment I’m looking for a cover artist who can create a design that will work for all the books as well as the black/white/red did for the current books. Once I’ve got a design I like, and get the book formatted again, I will release it as a self-pubbed book through Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Nook and all the usual vendors.

Anyway, know that it’s not gone away permanently. Private Property will be available again soon. And please, remind your friends not to download it off a pirate site in the meantime. They wouldn’t work for free, and I can’t afford to either.