Deliberate Deceptions

Just a quick heads-up to those of you who have read/bought/follow my Hauberk series. A little backstory for those coming later to the saga–it’s confusing I know, so try to stay with me: When I wrote PRIVATE PROPERTY back in 2008 and submitted it to Samhain Publishing, I figured it was […]

Re-enumerating: or Change it is a-comin’, part deux. Or is ...

Deliberate Deceptions, book 3 of the Hauberk Protection series
DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS is finally available as a paperback. At the moment, it’s only available through Amazon and Createspace (which, technically, is also Amazon) but it is gradually working its way through the various other vendors so you will soon be able to also buy it online through Barnes & Noble, […]

For those of you who prefer your books in print…

Deliberate Deceptions, book 3 of the Hauberk Protection series
I’ll admit it, there are some covers I’ve had that I’ve fallen in love with the moment I saw them, and others…not so much. (When you have a publisher, sometimes you don’t have much of a say. And sometimes it’s just really hard to find just the right image and […]

Deliberate Deceptions Cover Reveal   Recently updated !

Just an update on what’s going on with the remainder of my Hauberk series books since Samhain Publishing closed its doors on February 28th.  I’m still waiting for the official reversion of rights letters from Samhain — they are coming, but they have a ton of authors and books to revert, […]

They’re coming. Soon.

Yesterday Samhain Publishing announced that they will be closing their doors as of February 28th, 2017.  They had initially thought they would have to close their doors last year, but then after closing their physical offices hoped that maybe they could hang on. Sadly it has turned out that wasn’t […]

Samhain Publishing Closing February 28th

Samhain Publishing is celebrating the leap year by having a sale — they’ve dropped the price of all their ebooks by 40%.  So if you have had some titles on your wishlist, now’s the time to grab them. You do own my Hauberk books, right? Well, now’s your chance to […]

Get 40% off all Samhain books

If you haven’t already read any of my Hauberk Protection stories, Samhain Publishing has put them on sale for 30% on Google Play.  But only until the 18th!

Valentine’s Day Sale

Lots of deals today — every single one of my books is on sale. Both from Carina and Samhain. If you haven’t already bought your copy of No Accounting for Cowboys, Harlequin has put it on sale for just 99 cents. But only for a limited time. From today (November […]

Black Friday Sale!

Samhain Publishing is giving away a copy of Private Deceptions today over on Facebook. Click on the link below, like or comment on their post to enter. Post by Samhain Publishing Ltd.   Want to read a snippet to see if you might like it? Here’s an excerpt from Private […]

Freebie Friday at Samhain – Private Deceptions

Last week was about the heroine seeing the hero for the first time. So naturally, this week is about the hero’s first glimpse of the heroine. With the exception of Tangled Past, all my heroes have known their heroines for a while, so…how about the first time the hero has […]

Snippet Saturday: The First Time Ever He Saw Her Face

I just got a brand new batch of bookmarks for the entire Hauberk series. If you want a bookmark of your own, or if you’d like a few to give to your friends, just send a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope to my mail box and my street team leaders […]

Want a bookmark but aren’t going to RT or RAGT?

Character. It’s not one particular trait you should usually be able to point to in someone, even a fictional someone. But I have always loved this scene because both these characters share a similar character. They love the chase…and the capture. 😉 Copyright © 2011 Leah Braemel All rights reserved […]

Snippet Saturday – Character