He’s Baaa-aack!

Want a chuckle?  The Old Spice guy is back! Help, I’ve fallen captive to his striking brown eyes and I can’t get free…

Help needed for my To-Be-Bought list 8

So as I’m adding books to my new Book Crawler app, I’m also adding yet-to-be-released books that I want to buy/read. Believe it or not, I tend to rely on my friends to keep me in the loop when it comes to other authors’ book releases. I’ve added Jaci Burton’s  […]

Calling Wererabbit

Wererabbit, you won the 2011 Toronto Firefighter Calendar contest last week. I sent you an email but haven’t heard back from you.  (You may want to check your spam box.)  If you could sent me an email to leah (DOT) braemel (AT) gmail (DOT) com with your snail mail address […]

Winner of the 2011 Toronto Firefighter Calendar 4

Wererabbit Contest notes: Each entrant who correctly responded with five differences was added to my spreadsheet and assigned a number in the order their entry was received. (I received 22 entries, by the way.)  I ran those numbers through random.org’s sequence generator to determine the winner — Wererabbit.  I will […]

Favorite Reads of 2010 5

My reading habits have changed over the years: this year was definitely the year of the contemporary. Since it’s that time of year for reflection, I’ve looked back at some of my favorite books I’ve read. Thanks to suggestions on Twitter (I love being exposed to new-to-me authors through the […]