Yup, I’m back from RT — okay, I’ve been back a few days and have been buried in emails and such that I had to put aside while travelling. Before I get into the tale of our road trip, I sent out a newsletter with news of No Accounting for […]

Road Trip to NOLA (part one)

I couldn’t resist posting this video done by the Virden Oil Capitals hockey team, from the Manitoba Junior Hockey League. They did a fantastic job!

Merry Christmas, Hockey Player style

Pulling out a video I shared last year, but it still makes me chuckle.

Recycled Monks

Recycling a post from a few years ago, but it doesn’t matter how many times I watch this video by Bowser and Blue I still chuckle. Maybe it’s the accents that do it. Oh, and although the bad words are bleeped out, you might want to listen to it before […]

Hey Santa

No, not that type of mood–you have a dirty mind, did you know that? I’m talking about a western state of mind. It helps me set the stage as I write No Accounting for Cowboys, book 2 in The Grady Legacy trilogy. So I’ve set up play lists for each […]

Music to get me in the Mood

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers — and it actually falls on a Monday so people can get a long weekend out of it. Hip Hip Hoorah! I’m looking forward to watching a video on that is being made by Rob Cohen.  Read more about it here. Rob […]

Being Canadian

I found this video on FB the other day–I swear I could happily listen to Stephen Fry read the phone book, but listening to him on this rant on the English language and the people who claim to love it…with a very interesting point of view on it, that I […]

On language, grammar and growth

I’m still desperately working away on finishing up this WIP, so here’s a little video that makes me giggle and relieves some of my stress…

For a Friday Giggle

With all the sad news this weekend, I figured we could all use a giggle. So here is a high school Christmas concert featuring some “silent monks singing” the Hallelujah chorus… Enjoy!

Silent Monks Sing