The Braemel Brigade

Leah's-Braemel-Brigade-Website-Banner_webWith so much of the marketing of books being left to the author these days, and with so many books being released, Leah needs help getting word of her books to as many people as she can. Most books are found via friends recommending their favorite books or authors, and these days a lot of people connect via social media, so every tweet or Facebook post mentioning an author or a favorite book helps generate buzz. Every review left on Amazon or Barnes and Noble means that book will be shown to more people on their “People who liked this also liked…” lists.  So she’s put together a group of readers who want to help her get the word out there by whatever means the team members feel comfortable.

What might you be asked to do? If you’re on Facebook, then you could share Leah’s posts or participate in release day parties (where there are prizes you can win!). If you’re on Twitter, you can tweet or RT about Leah’s books or reviews. You can leave reviews where you bought the book (like Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Kobo),  or on review sites such as Goodreads or Booklikes. And if you’re really motivated and have a blog or website, you can feature Leah’s books on your blog, get exclusive cover reveals, or share your reviews, or just chat about a character you like or a storyline you love. You get to choose what you feel comfortable doing — one or two or all of the above. It’s all up to you.

Being a part of the team means you will be given special snippets, get advanced info on upcoming releases, participate in street team only contests, and so much more!

Our team is kept up to date on a private Facebook loop (so you’ll need to be on Facebook), and run by team leaders Tabatha and Kayla, with Leah popping in regularly too. (Leah often asks her team’s help in naming characters!) You can ask questions, chat about the books (and not just Leah’s), and make and get suggestions for helping promote Leah’s books.

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If you’re already a member, here’s some graphics you can add to your website or use on other social media.