Angela James

I can’t believe it’s five years since Carina Press opened their doors. I’d been one of their launch authors with Texas Tangle — as Carina Press Editorial Director  (and my editor) Angela James Carina Press Anniversaryblogged about today. Since then I’ve written (and they’ve published) Tangled Past, my holiday story I […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Carina Press

When Angela James first invited me to write a novella for her Red Hot Holiday Anthology for Carina Press, I immediately knew I wanted to honor one of my favorite Christmas themes. As you’ll read on my post over on today’s USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog (it will be up […]

12 Days of Christmas – Day 3 … ME!

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada this weekend. For the first time, because of their schedules, neither of our sons will be home at the same time so we can have dinner together as a family. 🙁 So we’ve decided that in order to have our special time with both, […]

Happy Thanksgiving

If you live in Canada, tune in to CTV’s new Marilyn Denis show (I’d noticed her missing from Citytv’s Cityline but had no idea she’d moved over to CTV and gotten her own show — way to go, Marilyn!) Anyway, today Marilyn’s interviewing Carina Press’s Angela James about e-readers. If […]

Don’t miss…

My wordcount usually slows a bit on the weekend because the family’s all home and that’s when I have to do all my running around. (It’s weird, you’d think I’d do any shopping etc. on weekdays when the stores aren’t so busy, but then I’m usually so focused on my […]

Sunday, busy Sunday

Yesterday my youngest son surprised the heck out of me by cleaning up the room where the boys have their television and game consoles. He did it without being asked. If that wasn’t enough, he cleaned up his room, packing up his old school uniforms now that he doesn’t need […]

Ravens and Ornaments and Pitches, oh my!

I’m supposed to be packing for a weekend away with my writing buds.  I’m supposed to be ready to leave in the morning.  I’m not. *cringe*  I finished my edits on Texas Tangle yesterday (a day early–woot!) But holy moly, Angela James and my new editor at Carina Press, Rhonda […]

All My Bags are Packed—Not!

Yesterday I got “the call” from the wonderful Angela James over at Harlequin’s newest e-publishing venture, Carina Press. Trouble is I was in the shower and missed it. *face/palm* Luckily for me, they invented email because Angela then emailed me that Carina was going to be sending me a contract […]

Happy Dance Time!

Congratulations to Angela James, formerly of Samhain (and my old editor who contracted Private Property and Personal Protection). Harlequin has launched a new digital-only line called Carina Press, and they’ve hired her to be their Executive Editor!  (More details here.) Congratulations, Angie!

Congratulations, Angela James

I’m being interviewed over on MeanKitty today! Stop by and say hi! There’s been a bit of an upheaval that I’ve been debating whether to mention on here or not. But since the announcement was made publicly last Monday I figure most of you already know – Samhain’s executive editor, […]

Galley Ho!

It’s a beautiful blue-sky, sunny day out today. The snow we had Monday and Tuesday has melted, my lawn guy has fertilized the lawn already, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Which is why … I feel awful. I caught Gizmo Guy’s cold. I woke up with a pounding headache, a stuffed […]

The light at the end of the tunnel – is ...

Woohoo! Private Property is still #1 over on the My Bookstore and More Bestsellers List. That’s four straight days at the top, and it’s been on the top ten since it was released!This month I’m featured over at The Romance Studio’s Blue page … you have to scroll down about […]

Monday Catch-up