animal mating habits

Remember that old Beatles song, one of the few Ringo got to sing – “I’d like to be … under the sea … in an Octopus’s garden in the shade”? Well, this morning I was reading the Discovery News and saw this little article about the Abdopus aculeatus octopus. We […]

That song takes on a whole new meaning…

It’s been freezing here the last few days. And I mean REALLY COLD! This morning it was minus 20 Celsius with a windchill of minus 29. For those who think in Fahrenheit we’re talking -4 and -20 Fahrenheit respectively. Or as Guitar Hero said when he came home from work […]

Feed the Birds … and other habits of nature

I’m writing a story about a merman, and thought I’d try to figure out some kinky little habit a merman might have in mating that’s different from your average male. So I turned to google and wow, there are some very strange rituals/habits. 1. Anglerfish – the male is born […]

Thursday Thirteen #4 – Strange Facts on Animal’s Mating Habits