Buried in Books

I’m busy doing the very last run-through of my galleys today and sending them off. I have to, the deadline’s today, but I’m sooo tempted to go off and read someone else’s writing. You see, yesterday Canada Post was good

Daily Draw Winner #6

The winner of a copy of Ann’s Blue Diablo is: Nicola Congratulations, Nicola. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. We’ll be sending you an email shortly to get your information so Ann can send your

Ann Aguirre’s Revision Fun

I admit it. I unashamedly tweeted a post hoping today’s guest would offer to be part of my Birthday Bash. Yup. I tweeted a post to someone else, but added Ann Aguirre‘s twitter ID, knowing she’d see it in her

Adding to my Keeper Shelf

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been finding lately that I’m not finishing books the way I used to. Way back in the dark ages when I was still living with my parents in the middle of nowhere, any books

Gobsmacked and Grateful

I’m sitting here looking at my calendar for July. Except for one single day*, it’s completely filled with names of authors who have gone above and beyond and offered to help me celebrate my birthday. Each time I opened an