Anne Hope

Host Congratulations, Host. You’ve won an e-copy of Anne Hope’s Broken Angels. Please send me an email at leah.braemel   @ with your choice of format you’d like it in (go over to the Samhain   website for a listing of what’s available.  ) Don’t forget to take out the spaces […]

Winner of Anne Hope’s Broken Angels

I’ve pulled up the “new post” page a couple times since Gizmo Guy’s post, but what a hard act that post was to follow. GG’s a little embarrassed by all the attention he drew — oh, don’t worry, he did say originally send it to me as a post, but […]

Sunday Round-Up

I first met today’s guest at the Ottawa Romance Writers’ conference back in 2008 a month after I signed my very first contract with Samhain. Anne’s first book with Samhain Where Dreams Are Made was due out a month after the conference, so she gave me little tips about what […]

Having Hope…Anne Hope that is

Oh oh. I’ve been SO good about blogging lately, and here I’ve forgotten to blog for two days! Yikes. At least the weather’s finally warmed to above zero and the eight-inch-thick blocks of ice on the roof are starting to melt. I’ve been hunkered down working both on writing the […]

Mea Culpa