Although you’ve been able to buy Perfect Proposal on Amazon and Smashwords for a little over a week now, it’s slowly populating on the various other sites. (It depends when their engines go out and search Smashwords and pick up the latest uploads, if I’m reading Smashwords’ instructions correctly.) Since […]

Perfect Proposal now available on iTunes

Gizmo Guy bought another computer last night (This makes what? #10 or 11?) It’s another Mac – this time a G4 Desktop with a HUGE – and I’m talking 70 pound/30 kilogram – professional quality LaCie Electron Blue 19 inch monitor. It used to belong to a graphic artist who […]

Turf wars

Sheesh, most days I can’t think of anything to post, and this week I keep double posting. Anyway, I thought this was important enough to generate that ‘extra’ post for today. According to this article on the Washington Post “Security Fix” blog, Apple has announced that they recommended Mac users […]

Apples no longer virus-free?

Despite my assertions that I would purloin the Mac iBook while Gizmo Guy was at work, I confess, I left it in its case today. I wasn’t being noble. It’s just there’s no software to use on it yet. It came with Panther as its operating system, which is the […]

More on the Mac…