Bestsellers List

Happy Labour Day (yes, that’s with a U since I’m Canadian).  Gizmo Guy and Curly have just left to go golfing, even though it’s raining and GG is taping the Top Gear marathon so I’m not allowed to change channels. Which all means I’m back to writing today. I’ve been […]

Winning News

I’m not sure how Kindle’s Bestsellers’ list is determined, but last night Private Property made #32 on their Bestsellers’ list. The bestselling WESTERN list. Um, Private Property takes place in Arlington Texas, but it’s in a residential area with neither a horse nor a cowboy in sight.

Yee-Haw … Private Property’s a Bestselling … Western?

This post is completely for my own ego as I bask in the fact that Personal Protection went up to #2 on the My Bookstore and More Bestsellers’ List. I’m probably so much more thrilled because yesterday was a release day, and I’d expected to be bumped by the new […]

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