Blacktop Cowboys

Last call for entries to the contest for Lorelei James’ newest release, Corralled. While I’ve got your attention, if you’ve ever wanted a visual image of what cowboys these days endure (yes, they do still exist) or want to see what Lorelei’s characters endure, you might want to tune into […]

American Cowboys

It’s officially *head meet desk* time for me and *palm slap forehead* time too. I must admit that I am a total failure at multitasking. While trying to smooth out a proposal for Carina, work on the WIP on the next in the Hauberk series for Samhain, Texas Tangle’s release […]

My Wayne’s World impression (and a contest)

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends. Putting on my Mom hat for a moment: remember not to finish those 2-4s and then drive. There have been enough reports of deadly crashes already this weekend. You may have noticed over on my list of guest bloggers that Lorelei James […]

Corralling Questions for Lorelei James