Two years ago I posted my very first blog about getting serious about my writing, about how I hoped, sometime in the future, that maybe, hopefully, one day I might get published. Tomorrow my first book is being released by Samhain Publishing. Does any one else find that timing more […]

Happy Two Year Blog Anniversary

I’ve been blogging almost two years now and I had it in the back of my head that blogging would get easier. I was wrong. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to post my very first blog over on the new Samhellion blog. I’m starting to panic because right now I have nothing. […]

The Well’s Running Dry

Another blog I regularly read – The Fog City Divas’ Dishing With the Divas Blog – have just announced they’re going to stop posting. It’s not the first group to throw in the towel. I’ve been seeing it over and over again lately both with groups and individuals. Other bloggers […]

Are blogs now passé?

It seems everyone’s headed off to Frisco for Nationals. Well, not everyone – there are a few of us left. And some people are quite creatively drawing in new audiences for their blogs by running blogs specifically for those of us not attending. Take a peek over at Lynne Viehl’s […]

Blog hopping you can do

Exactly one year ago today, I posted my first blog. Exactly one year ago this month, I joined the RWA after attending the Toronto Romance Writers Romance 101 course taught by Margaret Moore earlier in the month. And realized I’d come home. I’d finally found a writers’ group that could […]

Blog Birthday

I’m in a real funk today. Somehow – I don’t know how – Sue knew and sent me a link to cheer me up. Now Sue and I are huge Tolkien fans but these boys take the cake – literally They made an entire Gondor out of candy. Including the […]

The Candy Battle

I’m stuck. I’m in the final climactic scene of my first, and still untitled, draft. (Does it still count as a first draft considering the massive rewrite I did on the first part? Yes, I guess it does since this part hasn’t been written yet) I know what has to […]