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Barb Hicks from Bad Barb’s Reviews has put up all three of my Texas Tangle videos on her blog — head on over and leave a note telling her (and me) which is your favorite and why.

Bring the popcorn!

I always get a thrill when I see that I’ve blogged about something that’s made someone go ‘Huh’. Yes, I’m dating myself with that reference, I don’t care. Apparently, last week’s book trailer blog inspired Shelley Munro to create her own for the next release in her Middlemarch series, Leticia’s […]

Book Trailers – Part 2

Yesterday I posted the final version of my Private Property book trailer – if you haven’t seen it already, I’ve reposted it at the bottom of this post, or you can go to yesterday’s post to view it. Technically there’s no empirical evidence that says viewing a book trailer will […]

Trailer Making 101

14 days til Private Property releases! Okay, you’re probably getting really tired of me going on about it, and snickering at this newbie author’s enthusiasm, but I can’t help it. And I’m going to torment you with a sneak peak at the book trailer I’ve been working on … it’s […]

New Book Trailer for Private Property

I finally got with the program and created my own book trailer and uploaded it on YouTube. This was an experiment as I was teaching myself a flash program that I probably won’t use again, LOL. I think I prefer Roxio. But here it is … only 32 seconds long, […]

First Night Story Trailer

… and I’m not referring to Mr. Gate’s terrifying program. Having finished the major edits on Sam’s story yesterday, I gave myself some down time today. I spent the morning researching book trailers, listening to different types of music that would suit Private Property. But I figured I’d have to […]

Whole new Vistas …