Brooke London

And the winner of Brooke London’s Pitch Dark is: Rhonda Congratulations! I will be sending you an email regarding format of your e-copy of Pitch Dark shortly. There were 34 items in your list. Here they are in random order: Rhonda Aliens Kathleen O Terry Dubbs Cathy M Kytaira My […]

Daily Draw Winner for Brooke London’s Pitch Dark

Leah here: Blogger has been having problems with the auto-post feature lately, so although the posts are queued up and ready to go, they’re not posting. So the new posts will be going up at around 7:30 AM EST each morning, which is when I’ll close off comments for the […]

Meet Brooke London

Bless me Mother for I … well, not sinned, but technology is whizzing along faster than I can keep up. How do I know this? Because today I decided to try to figure out Facebook. Actually I signed up for a page last year and even managed to ‘friend’ a […]

‘Facing’ the Future