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Hunting the Shadows by Alexia Reed 16
I’m thrilled to introduce today’s guest blogger since I’ve known her “back when.” I had to laugh during her post because I can so see Alexia doing what she describes, and yes, she’s filled with random interesting facts. Please help me welcome today’s guest…Alexia Reed. As a paranormal writer, I […]

Alexia Reed: Hunting the Shadows

Thanks so much for having me to your blog Leah. It’s great to be here! I’ve started something new this past week. Well, it’s actually been ten days. Now before I tell you about it one thing you have to know about me is I have no willpower. None. Nada. […]

Cristal Ryder: On Beans and Books

As I was finishing up the edits on my new story, “Something So Right”, I got to talking with a friend of mine about happily ever afters in romance novels and what makes them such an essential part of the genre.  He (and yes, it is a he) studies romance […]

Elyse Mady: Working towards a happily-ever-after

There are many exotic and unusual places to have sex, and I don’t just mean the Jacuzzi. When I was in grad school, I once reluctantly ended a hot date with a guy called Jason because I had to check on my bacterial cultures, but he drove me to the […]

Marian Perera: Setting and Sex

Meet Gina Gordon Your significant other will be home any minute. Dinner is made, the children have been shipped off to a safe place, the table is set, the music is playing and the lights are dim. There’s only one thing missing….where’s the sexy? I’ve come to the conclusion that […]

Gina Gordon: What makes you feel sexy?

Meet Gwen Campbell I am a criminal. I admit this without apology. Despite society’s pressures to be good, I wallow in the pursuit of lawlessness with delicious glee. I walk my dog off leash in public parks. There. I’ve said it. It’s out in the open now, dear reader, and […]

Gwen Campbell: Confessions of a Suburban Felon

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! I’d like to say a big thank you to Leah for having me do a guest spot on her blog! I’ve been crazy busy these past few weeks as my second book, His Darkest Embrace hits the shelves on Tuesday, October 26th! I’m excited, scared, excited […]

Embracing Juliana Stone

Meet  Christine d’Abo Thanks to Leah for letting me come play on her blog today. The past few months have been very exciting for me. With a release every month for the next three months, I’ve had to try and juggle edits and real life while continuing to work on […]

There’s No Remedy for Christine d’Abo

I first met today’s guest at the Ottawa Romance Writers’ conference back in 2008 a month after I signed my very first contract with Samhain. Anne’s first book with Samhain Where Dreams Are Made was due out a month after the conference, so she gave me little tips about what […]

Having Hope…Anne Hope that is