Chad’s story

The third draft of Chad’s story is done and will be heading out to my critique partners tomorrow morning. Once they get their comments back, I go through and make the changes they suggest (or not). So I’m that much closer to subbing it to my editor. Now I need […]


I did it! I reached 50,000 words in my National Novel Writing Month project – which means I’m that much closer to being done Chad’s story. Okay, I’m that much closer to being done the first draft of Chad’s story. I figure I’ve got about another 20K to write before […]


I have had such a hard time NOT posting my thoughts on the latest furor to hit Romancelandia but lucky for you I am abstaining. You can thank me by sending caramels 😉 or mint M&Ms. I’m meh about mint, but Gizmo Guy loves ’em and it would be cool […]

La La La … and a NaNo Update

Yesterday’s NaNoWriMo daily count? 4092 words for a cumulative total of almost 13K. Woot! Yup, four days in and I’m a quarter the way to NaNo’s goal of 50K (although I figure the story will be around 70K by the time it’s done.)  I’ll be one happy camper if I […]

NaNo check in for Wednesday

Just a quick post this evening, updating my NaNoWriMo figures – I wrote just over 2700 words today, for a three day total of over 8800 words. Chad’s story is going to be different from Personal Protection — he’s getting back together with his former wife. There’s lots of angst, […]

NaNo report and a poll