If you’re on the eastern side of the GTA, and happen to have a few minutes to drive over to Ajax on Saturday, stop by the Durham Center Chapters Bookstore between noon and three. I’ll be there, along with authors Anara Bella and Kayla Perrin, signing copies of Northern Heat: […]

Live in the Greater Toronto Area? Come see me tomorrow!

Wouldn’t you know that when I have a deadline, life heats up and pulls me in twelve different directions at once. Which doesn’t make Leah a happy camper. Okay, I took pity on you and deleted an over-long whiny dump on everything that’s going on that’s pulling me away from […]

Mea Culpa and adding/deleting links

Woot! Canada’s main bookstore now carries Personal Protection on its website. (I did a search on stores 100 km around my home and it’s not on any shelves in any of their stores — major bummer) But if you are in Canada and want to support a Canadian store rather […]

Personal Protection now available @ Chapters/Indigo

Nope, it’s not an ad. Well, yeah, I guess it is. But not for any of my own books. Consider it a Public Service Announcement. Those of you who follow me on twitter may have seen me post this over there already. Yesterday, I got an email from Elaing8 confirming […]

Save Money Now!

A couple weeks ago, while I was buying some books at my local Chapters bookstore, the store clerk looked at my books, and told me about a Paranormal Romance group that meets there every month. Last night was the night, so I headed down there for a look-see. It was […]

Talking books

Heads up all you Canadian JR Ward fans! On JR Ward’s website it says Vishous’s story Lover Unbound won’t be released until September 25th. and both have the same date. Yet on the Chapters Indigo website, they show it as being released on September 6th – (there are […]

JR Ward’s newest released early?