Don’t forget, there’s only a matter of hours to vote for your choice of your favorite title for my western work-in-progress (or suggest one of your own.) Leave a comment here and tell me you’ve voted and you’ll qualify for a your choice of any Samhain ebook. Contest closes at […]

Poll & contest(s)

Remember that firefighter calendar Nika posted on Wednesday?  Well, guess what? There are two firefighter calendars out this year in Toronto. I wish I’d been at Ashbridges Bay the day they were doing this photo shoot …  these gentlemen are hot enough to start a fire through spontaneous combustion. Like […]

Smokin’ Hot

Today’s guest blogger is a fellow member of the Toronto Romance Writers — so that calendar she’s talking about below? Yup, it’s available in Canada. Which means I’m gonna get me one fer sure.  And it’s in the name of charity too, ladies. But Nika? How could you not email […]

Nika Dixon’s Not Taking Any Chances