Cherry Cottage

I apologize that it’s been almost a month since I posted here, but I’ve needed to stay quiet, to step back for a while, not just from the blog but from a lot of social media too, to try to find my balance, both in writing and in dealing with […]

What’s going on with Leah?

You thought I’d already had my birthday? Nope. Today’s the day. THE day. I wish I could put up a baby picture of me from “back then” but this is the best I can do – this is me in 1964. Yup, I lived in the days before color existed. […]

Today’s Guest blogger is … Leah!

My freebie short story, Cherry Cottage, is up for download today over at The Samhellion. After today it’ll be here. This story absolutely kicked my behind to write. It took me a week as well as phone calls from Texas and Louisiana as my critique partners poked and prodded me […]

Cherry Cottage

I’ve been fighting a miserable cold this week. (Thanks a lot, Gizmo Guy! grumble grumble) Yet, even though I am a bit discombobulated, I’ve had an incredibly productive day. The discombobulation? I had thought my Toronto Romance Writers meeting was today and decided it wouldn’t be very nice of me […]

A rare event. VERY rare.