Christmas Contest

It’s December!   Akk!  I haven’t even bought a single present. Well, except for the Firefighter calendar that’ll end up in one of your hands.   I miscalculated on yesterday’s post – my 800th post should be on THURSDAY, and it will include the details of a contest I’ll run, the prize […]

Rockin’ for a Reader

What a whirlwind it’s been lately. Along with a few interviews and advertising features, I think I’ve got almost all my guest-blog posts written and sent out now. It’s been a challenge to try to make each one unique without being an in-your-face Buy My Book post. So far for […]

Five Days and counting down …

Not much to say today – I just finished my line edits for Private Property. I need to study more about American hyphenation standards – apparently they are different from Canadian/British standards. Other than that it’s all good and Private Property is one step closer to publication. Hmm, I had […]

Dash it all

Holiday Hell is up to day 10 already. Today over on Nice Mommy-Evil Editor, Angela James is offering books by Jaci Burton, Eve Vaughn, Ann Cory, Melani Blazer, Rose Marie Wolf, Kinley MacGregor (aka Sherrilyn Kenyon), Lora Leigh, Jan Colley and Roxanne St. Clair. The challenge for today is to […]

Speak softly …

Wow, it’s so cool to look over on my sidebar and see TWO books there. *basking* All right, I’m back now. There’s lots of other news going on too … For instance, there will be a third cover going up on my sidebar within the next couple of weeks but […]

Holiday Goodies of the Non-Fattening Kind

I’ve been playing with my blog listing because I’d received a complaint that my page was loading slowly while blogger went out to get YOUR posts for MY list. Yeah, so not going to lose my 2 faithful readers because of that. Do you guys use that bloglist anyway? Does […]

Tis the Season … to Grumble

So much to do, so little time. Gee, where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, everywhere! I am not ready for Christmas. I like to have the house clean before we drag out the decorations. Last week I decided to clean the carpets after I’d vacuumed and discovered the […]

There’s not enough hours in a day …

Head over to Angela James’ blog today. It’s the start of her 12 Days of Christmas contest where her authors have pitched in so some lucky person can win one of two Kindles. Just to make it extra worth your while, there are daily prizes as well. Today’s special prize […]

Let the surfing begin …