Claire Robyns

I just realized I never announced the winners for Donna Alward’s or Claire Robyns‘ contests. Congratulations to Marika Weber who won Donna Alward’s Off the Clock, and to Kaetrin who won Claire Robyns’ Second Guessing Fate. (Winners were chosen using’s service and will be contacted by email.)

Contest Winners

Unless you’re one of the lucky few to still be with your high school sweetheart, there’s a good chance you’ve got some firsthand experience in the art of dumping and/or getting dumped. It’s one of those niggly facts of life, it doesn’t get easier with practice, and the only known […]

Claire Robyns: Smile you’ve been dumped!

Thanks for having me here, Leah, I can’t believe how time has flown ~ the official Carina Press launch month has come and, well, I won’t say gone because those launch titles are still buzzing up the book-e-sphere, so maybe I could say come and stayed and extended into the […]

Claire Robyns: Betrayed

Don’t forget I’m over in England today (unfortunately only in cyber-England) with Claire Robyns.  She’s asking me some questions about Texas Tangle.  Go here and have a read, then come back and enter my contest for one of Inez Kelley’s books.

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