Coffee Time Romance

I’ve been interviewed by the good folks over at Coffee Time Romance — they asked about I Need You for Christmas, Hidden Heat, Private Deceptions, and how I met my husband!  (Yes, they are all related.)  Stop on by if you have 5 minutes. 😉 And if you’ve wanted to […]

SSP: An Interview and Autographs

I’ve been interviewed by Slick at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews about writing my Hauberk Protection series. As part of it, I’m giving away a digital copy of winner’s choice of my backlist.  But the winner is being chosen May 3, so don’t wait too long to check it out. While […]


It’s the end of October already? Wow, where the heck did the month go? Where has the year gone? Today’s your last chance to get in on several contests: the Raven Hallowe’en Hunt – you have to answer questions, so it’s going to take you some time. But you might […]


I’m hidden away in a library in a town in central Ontario today. It’s a locally famous library – it was used in the movie Jumper a while back starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson. (I never have seen the movie. I did hear it wasn’t well received though […]

Jumping over central Ontario (& the web)

Why is it some weeks I have trouble coming up with a post a day, and other weeks I have so much going on I have to have multiple posts a day. It’s all very confusing. I promise I will be putting the Twitter 101 Part 2 post up today. […]

It’s (Coffee) Time for another Contest

When I got serious about my writing, I thought it was “all about the story”. It is, but once you’re sold, your time is divided between writing and marketing/publicity. Since Friday night, I’ve been working hard on arranging my Birthday Bash–including coming up with interview questions for some of the […]

More bits and bobs…

I’m blogging today over at Coffee Time Romance’s Coffee Thoughts. My first post for the day is up already – I’m talking about “First times.” Come join me.

First times