Actually the title should be “2 strange things and another rant” Strange incident #1: I went to a friend’s blog today but instead of her usual page, I got a strange notice warning me that her site was “a Reported Attack site”. So I took a screen shot of the […]

2 Strange things that happened to me today

Back in the mid-90s, Gizmo Guy and I took the boys to Disneyworld. We drove down, as we usually do. On the way we stopped off in Kentucky at – you guessed it – a Kentucky Fried chicken. They had a special on – if you bought a family meal, […]

Our shrinking world

BlueSueL kicked my rear end yesterday for getting frustrated. Thank you, Sue. Again. (Sue’s used to my tantrums – hence her swift and decisive reaction.) Wylie – thanks for your encouragement too. I needed both. No, I won’t delete the doc, but I will put it away for a while […]

Pity Party is Over

When I started this blog I wanted to try to keep it ‘writing related.’ I have deviated a few times – the first time I wrote about my roof leaking I justified it because the day before I’d written a scene where my character awakes to discover the roof over […]

Protagonists and Antagonists – who needs ’em?

An explanation as to why my wordcount went DOWN instead of up. I was loading the dishwasher this morning, pondering just why my heroine was where she was — I mean what made her not only come to the hero’s estate, but also why would she stay. And it hit […]

Akkk! and Weird coincidences