computer woes

A couple weeks back, Guitar Hero asked me how secure my email was. How often I’d changed my passwords and if I had backed up my mail. As I blogged about on Friday, I’d recently switched from reading my email online via Gmail to downloading it using Outlook Express. So […]

Personal Protection of a different sort

Sheesh, most days I can’t think of anything to post, and this week I keep double posting. Anyway, I thought this was important enough to generate that ‘extra’ post for today. According to this article on the Washington Post “Security Fix” blog, Apple has announced that they recommended Mac users […]

Apples no longer virus-free?

Something very odd is going on with my documents lately. It started off on the weekend. I was surrounded by family but neck-deep in homework with Margie’s course. So I moved myself into the office and worked on my desktop. I saved my doc onto a flashdrive and when I […]

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