Busy Busy Busy

Just popping my head in to say hey!  It’s been a hellabusy week on so many fronts. On the “Real Life” front: On Tuesday, the Jeep Gizmo Guy bought 29 days before (used, not brand new) was making a funny

They want me to sign away what?

A couple of housekeeping notes before I get into the rest of the day’s posts:  I’m participating in Spook-a-palooza contest with other Samhain authors. Go on over to www.samhellion.com for all the details–you can win a Kindle along with other

Party time – Texas style!

I’m over at The Romance Studio’s release party event today. It started at 10 and goes until 7 pm EST today, with lots of prizes. Well, why don’t I just let The Romance Studio tell you: We’re partying with the

Where the heck is Leah?

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA on the blog a lot this past week. I’ve been head-down frantically working on revising my WIP because I knew I had edits coming down the pipeline for Texas Tangle.  Well, the edits

Tis the season

Gizmo Guy often sends me jokes to distract me. I decided to share this one with you. (And after you’ve finished, don’t forget to visit Tera’s blog, the Samhellion (click on the graphic to get to the rules), and to

Contest season starts!

Remember that post from the other day about being busier than a one-armed paperhanger? Life hasn’t let up.  I went to yesterday’s Toronto Romance Writers’ monthly meeting with Alexia Reid and Kendal Ashby who also writes as Kendal Corbitt. (That

Contests Galore

Back on Wednesday, I mentioned that I have a milestone birthday coming up and was thinking of running some contests. I’ve been playing around with some ideas along those lines and on Friday night I put out a call on